testharness-smallIn addition to the services that NTS-AT provides to manufacturers and utilities in terms of certification and testing, NTS-AT has also developed a custom test harness used to perform validation and testing of ZigBee Smart Energy devices. NTS-AT’s test harness (SETest) is based on the latest version of the ZigBee Smart Energy profile specification (version 1.1x). This test harness provides an easy, repeatable way for manufacturers to test their ZigBee devices prior to submission for certification. In addition, many utilities are also utilizing NTS-AT’s SETest tool to test and validate third-party HAN devices prior to authorizing their roll-out on their own smart grid networks. NTS-AT SETest is also scriptable allowing for testing of test cases not covered by the ZigBee standard (such as boundary cases and negative cases).

If you’re interested in a demo or additional information on the tool, please contact us at smartgrid@nts.com or call us at 800-879-9225. We’ll also be exhibiting at DistribuTECH January 29th-31st in San Diego (Booth #3341) – stop by. We’d love to talk to you.

zigbeeicon_energytm_cmykThe latest version of the ZigBee Smart Energy application profile, ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1b, certification testing is now available at NTS Advanced Technology. The ZigBee Smart Energy profile is the protocol of choice for smart meters and other smart grid devices, such as in-home displays and smart appliances. Contact NTS-AT today to find out how to get your ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE) device testing and certified – email us at smartgrid@nts.com or call 800-879-9225. And don’t forget — if you need help in pre-testing and development, the NTS-AT SETest Tool is available for rental and purchase. The SETest Tool is the same equipment and software used internally by NTS-AT to perform ZigBee certification testing.


NTS-AT, a diversified engineering services company providing smart grid product testing, will be attending DistribuTECH in San Diego later this month (January 29th to 31st). If you’re interested in discussing how we can help your company in testing or certification of Smart Grid/Smart Energy devices (such as smart thermostats, in-home displays, and smart meters), please email us at smartgrid@nts.com and we can setup a time to meet.

If you’re interested, we can also demo our NTS SETest tool, a custom test harness hardware and software developed by NTS-AT for testing, developing and validating ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) products. Feel free to email us or call us at 800-979-9225 for more information.

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National Technical Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of testing and engineering services, announced today that it successfully completed testing of all of the “Golden Units” for the enhanced ZigBee 2012 specification. These “Golden Units” are ideal examples of this ZigBee specification, and serve as the devices by which all future ZigBee Compliant Platforms will be compared for interoperability and conformance. NTS participated in the earliest stages of the interoperability testing efforts and ultimately performed all testing and verification for the new “Golden Units.”

via NTS – Investor Relations – Financial News. For more information, visit www.nts-at.com.

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When utilities are considering deploying ZigBee meters and HAN devices, the question often arises: “If I’m working with ZigBee certified devices, doesn’t that guarantee that they will work out of the box? Why do I need any more testing?” Testing mitigates the risks involved with problems beyond the scope of the specifications.

NTS is the first and leading test lab certified to test for the ZigBee Alliance.  NTS has amassed an extensive knowledge base gained by its experience performing testing for hundreds of clients around the world. Ranging from RF distance and signal propagation to interoperability issues of incompatible revision levels, problems can surface for various reasons. Some are clearly outside the scope of ZigBee protocol testing, while others are due to different interpretations of the specification. Regardless of the reasons, these problems can end up causing serious headaches with field deployments, resulting in cost overruns and dissatisfied customers. NTS has compiled the five most common, major areas where testing was able to mitigate risk and save money, while preventing improper installations.

For more information, click here for NTS’s white paper on the [download id=”28″]

Freescale Semiconductor and Qualcomm Atheros collaborate to demonstrate home energy management using the Smart Energy Profile 2.0 over Wi-Fi, ethernet and the homePlug Green PHY (HomePlug GP) standard.

The Smart Energy 2.0 standard is currently under development in cooperation with a number of other standards development groups. It will offer an IP-based energy management solution capable of running on a variety of both wired and wireless communication protocols, including those supported by the HomeGrid Forum, the HomePlug Powerline alliance, the Wi-Fi alliance and the ZigBee alliance.

via Freescale, Atheros demo Smart Energy profile 2.0.

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Enecsys Limited has teamed with Ember to bring wireless ZigBee communications to roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) systems so that households and businesses can better monitor and optimize their systems’ performance.

via Enecsys Selects Ember’s ZigBee Technology to Help Optimize Solar PV System Performance – MarketWatch.

Freescale Semiconductor FSL -2.26% announced that it is collaborating with Qualcomm Atheros to demonstrate home energy management using the Smart Energy Profile 2.0 over Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HomePlug(R) Green PHY (HomePlug GP) standard. The technology was demonstrated at the Metering, Billing/CRM Europe event this week.

via Freescale Collaborates with Qualcomm Atheros to Advance Home Energy Management Capabilities – MarketWatch.

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The ZigBee® Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, today announced it has certified 341 ZigBee Certified products. This growth is more than 80 percent over last year’s 187 ZigBee Certified products.

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Operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency that can be used almost anywhere, the ZigBee wireless protocol provides a low-cost, low-power mesh network ideal for green and global embedded applications such as smart energy and smart home initiatives. Øyvind shares an overview of ZigBee specifications and implementation requirements for ensuring device interoperability.

via Smart energy apps making the move to ZigBee: Q&A with Oyvind Strom, PhD, Senior Director of Wireless Microcontrollers, Atmel Corporation – Embedded Computing Design.