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One year ago, the Stuxnet virus had just been discovered. A year’s worth of analysis still has not unlocked its secrets but it has had a profound influence upon the smart grid cyber security market. Utilities have — as many predicted — realized that their grids are no longer isolated or protected from attackers. According Continue reading →

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A highly sophisticated software program is wreaking havoc on large industrial sites in Iran, Indonesia and other countries, targeting power plants, nuclear installations, pipelines and others. According to computer security experts, the Stuxnet worm propagates itself via Windows security holes (what a surprise). It looks for certain software programs made by Siemens, whose hardware and Continue reading →

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Security researchers at the Black Hat and Defcon cybersecurity conferences last week highlighted flaws in smart grid technology that could lead to system hacking or disruption of service. One security firm, IOActive, has been advocating against propagation of smart grid meters until security flaws are corrected. Mike Davis, a security researcher at IOActive, presented at Continue reading →

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For a utility that’s in the process of installing smart meters, there are probably few things more terrifying than the simulation of a smart meter worm that IOActive’s Mike Davis showed off at the annual security conference Black Hat on Thursday. During Davis’ presentation, he showed how he and his team at the security consulting Continue reading →

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New electricity meters being rolled out to millions of homes and businesses are riddled with security bugs that could bring down the power grid, according to a security researcher who plans to demonstrate several attacks at a security conference next month. The so-called smart meters for the first time provide two-way communications between electricity users Continue reading →