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In a previous article, I discussed ways in which the smart grid and smart home technology could impact a customer’s electric service and utility bill. At the end of that article I promised to “do the math” and provide a few examples, so here it is. I examine several possible scenarios, including different rate plans, load shifting via smart appliances, and the addition of solar panels and on-site energy storage. Yeah, my spreadsheet has been busy this week!

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No other utility company has more installed renewable capacity or uses a stronger proportion of renewably produced electricity. According to recent press releases, the utility giant E.ON leads the way to Germany’s Green Grid. E.ON Leads Germany’s Renewable Grid “Renewables account for more than 80 percent of the electricity that flows through our networks, well above the national average. This demonstrates that E.ON already operates the innovative, efficient energy networks of the future. Each year we i

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So, I’ve mostly recovered from DistribuTECH, with just a lingering cold — the gift many of you probably also brought home with you. Zpryme’s Research Director H. Christine Richards was also there. It was she who pointed out who wasn’t at DistribuTECH. Groups like Google, Nissan, Tesla, SolarCity — those that “are [altering] or could significantly alter the industry weren’t a part of the discussion,” she noted, but “DistribuTECH is still very focused on the utility when there is a broader energy conversation that needs to happen.”

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It’s been a good week for microgrids in Ontario. A second utility has announced plans to move forward with a project, this one a residential microgrid to be installed by Veridian Connections.Wednesday’s announcement by Veridian followed release earlier in the week of a solicitation by Sault Ste. Marie for the next phase in development of its municipal microgrid.

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Ericsson has revealed three new solutions to equip communication service providers and utility companies to address services and requirements in the fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) market.According to the company, IoT is quickly emerging as a very significant agent of transformation as it blends the physical and digital worlds. In the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, 28 billion connected devices are forecasted by the year 2021, more than half of which are M2M and IoT connections.

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