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Smart homes, an aspect of the Internet of Things, offer the promise of improved energy efficiency and control over home security. Integrating various devices together can offer users easy programming of many devices around the home, including appliances, cameras and alarm sensors. Several systems can handle this type of task, such as Samsung SmartThings, Google Brillo/Weave, Apple HomeKit, Allseen Alljoyn and Amazon Alexa.But there are also security risks. Smart home systems can leave owners vulnerable to serious threats, such as arson, blackmail, theft and extortion. Current security research has focused on individual devices, and how they communicate with each other. For example, the MyQ garage system can be turned into a surveillance tool, alerting would-be thieves when a garage door opened and then closed, and allowing them to remotely open it again after the residents had left. The popular ZigBee communication protocol can allow attackers to join the secure home network.

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myDevices, the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that “simplifies the connected world,” today announced Cayenne, its developer and maker tool for IoT projects, at the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale. myDevices developed a robust IoT platform that allows companies to efficiently connect devices, visualize data, apply sophisticated rules and interact with their connected customers. With the debut of Cayenne, myDevices is extending its versatile device and connectivity agnostic platform – launched in October 2015 – to the developer and maker community in the form of an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool.

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In August, it was reported that 51 percent of marketing executives expect the Internet of Things (IoT) “to revolutionize marketing by 2020,” according to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit.The question is why?IoT has been couched as a tool for ‘personalization,’ ‘engagement’ and new ‘customer experiences,’ but these characterizations are too vague. IoT may be worthy of all the buzzwords, but what will it actually look like in day-to-day life?

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At European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria, the Powerline Intelligent Metering Evolution (PRIME) Alliance this week confirmed development of an automated certification tool for research laboratories including DNV GL, ITE and Technalia.In a press statement, PRIME Alliance said using an existing set of test cases for certification and compliance testing for service and base nodes.

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Global home networking standards group UPnP Forum will unveil at IBC its new holistic set of live data models through a new web-based tool which automates the process of adding new devices to a network quickly, regardless of location. UPnP+ core technology provides a base for IoT, creating bridges to both wide-area networks and non-IP devices. The data modelling tool is expected to help reduce fragmentation in the marketplace, a key obstacle for the IoT, while providing a seamless standardisation process that can be used by any organisation or company incorporating device discovery and control capability into any of their devices.

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The Internet of Things can be an excellent tool, an entertaining toy or, in the case of healthcare, a life-changing technology.A new study by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on IoT in the Healthcare industry indicates that, although it is often deemed to have the greatest potential to benefit from IoT, healthcare remains one of the most underdeveloped IoT industries, due mostly to regulatory restrictions and data security concerns that currently hinder innovation. The TCS study reported that the sector plans to spend three tenths of a percent of revenue on IoT technology in 2015, but will be increasing this investment by at least 30 percent by 2018. The healthcare market, driven by IoT, is predicted to be worth $117 billion by 2020.

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The data provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming an essential tool for product development. Five examples that I studied recently all take different approaches but show how the data collected from a product can remove much of the guesswork about consumer needs and provide a foundation for empirical decision-making. In addition, the added data collected is changing the nature of many products. As much as we all like to summon the intuition of our inner Steve Jobs or Jony Ive, things go a lot better when we have data to help us along.

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SolarCity recently announced a new microgrid project, introducing their microgrid as an emergency management tool. The technology is already being used by companies, universities and even residents as a complement to their main energy source in areas all across the world — but emergency management is becoming an important reason for organizations to consider their own microgrid.

SolarCity’s microgrid project uses solar, batteries and controllable load to give customers an emergency backup power system.

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The long-term care industry has struggled with a labor shortage for several years.

There is an estimated 10 percent of nursing assistant positions in Minnesota that are vacant.

Community nursing homes have had to suspend admission because not enough workers are available to safely care for new residents.

Helping  older people stay independent is the challenge of the future of aging. Telehealth is a tool available to manage your health.  Telehealth is simply using digital information and communication technologies to help manage your well-being. It is using computers and mobile devices for communication with health care providers.

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Many of the conversations taking place around the Internet of Things (IoT) are incomplete without a mention of big data. Connected devices, sensors, and algorithms all operate in ways that involve massive amounts of data.

“The success or failure of the Internet of Things hinges on big data,” says Brian Hopkins, an analyst with Forrester Research.

As organizations step into IoT, they must understand the symbiotic relationship between it and big data. For IoT deployments to really make an impact, they must provide some sort of useful tool or service, while also collecting relevant data.

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