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While there is a lot of talk about smart homes, few of those high-tech features are actually being incorporated into today’s homes. We are not yet living in the land of “The Jetsons.”But homeowners are moving toward some smart home products, including thermostats they can control with smartphones, automated lighting solutions, keyless entry and security and entertainment options.”Smart home technology is important for some homeowners,” says Nino Sitchinava, principal economist for Houzz, a home design website, which has done several surveys on the use of smart home features. “It’s not something that all homeowners are unambiguously into.”

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In the midst of the rapidly accelerating market for storage technologies, the Energy Storage Association (ESA) today released a comprehensive report that surveys the software models and planning tools that are used by utilities and vendors to assess the impact and value of stored energy on the grid.

The report, “Survey of Modeling Capabilities and Needs for the Stationary Energy Storage Industry,” was developed by Navigant (NYSE:NCI), a global leader in energy industry research. The survey of more than 60 different software models – including transmission and distribution planning, energy production cost simulators, real-time grid operations, and vendor developed modeling tools – looks at their ability to properly value, integrate and operate energy storage systems as integrated assets on the grid.

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Cape Wind, set to be the nation’s first offshore wind project, has moved on to completing geophysical surveys of the project site and offshore cable routes. Survey vessels with a suite of geophysical instruments are surveying the seafloor and subsea geology on Horseshoe Shoal and along the offshore cable route.

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Each year, Fortune magazine surveys top executives, directors, and financial analysts about the companies in their industry, and selects their “Most Admired Companies.” The choices are based on nine criteria: financial soundness, people management, quality of management, long-term investment, quality of products and/or services, innovation, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, and global competitiveness.

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Federal regulators are paying attention to the work electric cooperatives are doing in advancing smart grid technologies among their members.

A report issued late last month by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission noted that co-ops remained national leaders in implementing advanced metering in 2012.

“As in previous surveys, electric cooperatives have the largest penetration, nearly 31 percent, among categories of organizations,” the commission said in its Assessment of Demand Response & Advanced Metering.

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