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Companies today are grappling with the Internet of Things (IoT), a large network of physical devices that extends beyond the typical computer networks, encompassing devices, industrial equipment, sensors, and extended products. For some manufacturers everything they build could feed into IoT, from cars to buildings or even consumer products. While vendors like Cisco Systems CSCO +0.00%, Dell , IBM IBM +0.00%, Hewlett-Packard HPQ -3.45%, Intel INTC -3.57%, and Microsoft MSFT +2.13% are all part of the IoT land grab, it is important for end customers not to focus their strategy on the products, technology, or pieces. Instead of focusing on the how of IoT, customers need to be focused on the what of IoT—namely the data. All of the strategy and shiny objects in the world won’t help if the data isn’t accurate, secure, and actionable. The data should always drive the strategy; the implementation tail should not be wagging the data dog. This strategy needs to start at the business level based on identifiable business needs and then filter down to the products.

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If two contract electronics providers send their sales people to pitch an OEM prospect. One wears a set of coveralls the other a nice clean suit. Who is the customer going to choose? The loud, forward-charging sales person trying to convince you to buy services, or the sophisticated enabler with knowledge-ready answers to questions about your biggest OEM product or service challenges?

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Honeywell and Nest lead the smart thermostat vendor market in terms of strategy and execution, according to a new Leaderboard Report from Navigant Research. Honeywell maintained leadership due to its existing smart/connected thermostat products and programs and its aggressive pursuit of the higher-end smart thermostat segment. Nest has gained market share by seeking out collaborations with other vendors and by expanding its global marketing initiatives.The report examines the strategy and execution of 12 smart thermostat manufacturers and software providers that are active in the global smart thermostat market and rates them on 12 criteria. Schneider, EnergyHub, ecobee, Comverge, Emerson and EcoFactor landed in the Contenders category due to relatively strong product strategy, program success and distribution. The four companies in the Challengers category — Carrier, Energate, tado and RTA — have some weaknesses in terms of either strategy or execution, but with the right steps, could move into contender or leader positions.

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has proposed updates to electric reliability strategy standards to strengthen coordination “to plan and reliably operate the bulk electric system under normal and abnormal conditions,” FERC said in a statement.

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If you were hoping for a straightforward, ‘here’s our smart home’ announcement from Amazon, you’re out of luck.

And unlike others in the space, Amazon’s efforts so far can’t really be summed up easily in a sentence or two. Instead, they’ve put together what appears to be a hodgepodge of random efforts that, at first blush, are difficult to distill down into a cohesive strategy.

But once you start looking more closely and begin to connect dots, a potentially interesting plan begins to emerge, one completely different than any of the company’s peers.

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