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As home security systems continue to adapt with the current technology market, local experts say the trend is leading to integrated smart home setups with control at the fingertips becoming standard. “The ability to control your system from your smartphone device — that is becoming a trend that is pretty much now is going to be standard,” John Palmer, a sales manager for the Denison-based Four Feathers Alarm, said. Palmer said the trend is moving toward cellular monitoring — that is the full control of a home security system available through a smartphone, and the home security systems are becoming increasingly integrated with home automation systems.

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At least four A-list celebrities have already been on walk-throughs, a fact that seems entirely appropriate for a glamorous, 17,000-square-foot home designed with movie stars in mind. But being merely lavish in Beverly Hills, (a place where lavish is as standard as indoor plumbing and electricity), is not what makes the recently completed Sierra Alta mansion such a noteworthy addition to the 90210 neighborhood.

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In the same way today’s standard smart phones use GPS navigation and take videos, so, too, will our homes be commonly outfitted with smart features that simplify and optimize our lives.According to a survey by Coldwell Banker, 45 percent of Americans will own smart home features — or at least intend to invest in them by the end of 2016. What’s more, 54 percent of homeowners in the U.S. say they would install smart home systems if it meant they could sell their property faster.While the idea of a smart home remains a somewhat elusive concept, homeowners are nonetheless increasingly curious and enthusiastic about it.

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When your custom-built home is planted on a prime piece of property that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway in sunny southwest Florida, huge, scaling, floor-to-ceiling windows are an absolute must. They deliver phenomenal views, of course — but also allow in excessive heat from the sun. Consequently, the builder of our award-winning smart home, Voigt Brothers, makes sure to outfit every residence he builds with Lutron motorized shading. Lighting control from Lutron is also a standard feature to provide an eye-pleasing aesthetic, as is the handiwork of a reputable home systems integrator to tailor the technologies to the unique needs of the owners of each residence.

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Apple could finally be set to include a HomeKit controller app in iOS as standard, according to reports from the MacRumors website. Two years after launching its HomeKit home automation protocol ? currently compatible with a wide range of connected devices ? the American firm is expected to present a centralised controller app at its upcoming annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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