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In four days of briefings, demos and general nosiness, a general model for “smart” living has emerged.

Step one: Get a smart phone

Step two: Get some device which is really a sensor in pretty packaging

Step three: The data is sent from the device to the cloud

Step four: Download a smartphone app that takes all the data from the device maker/service provider’s cloud and repackages it in a user-friendly way

Step five: Get nagged by your phone when your sensor data triggers an if-then statement of some sortStep five is where the so-called smart home fails or flies.

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Logitech’s Harmony Elite is the closest I’ve got to achieving the smart home dream. You know, the one where you enter the house, all the lights flick on, and the entertainment system boots up to your favourite channel while the heating system asks if the temperature is cosy enough for you—that sort of thing. The problem has always been standards: the Internet of Things (IoT) has lots of them, but few of them play nicely together.The £279 ($350) Harmony Elite bridges the gap with a fancy touchscreen remote, charging dock, smartphone app, and a wireless hub, letting you control most infrared, Bluetooth, and IoT devices from either the included remote, or a smartphone app. The hub—which you can purchase separately for £99 ($99)—is the where the magic happens. Logitech sells the remote separately for £199 in the UK, as well as range of cheaper models, but none feature the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth IoT wizardry that makes the Elite bundle so appealing.

Source: Logitech Harmony Elite review: I’m finally living the automated smart home dream | Ars Technica UK

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An Internet of Things security startup thinks it can reduce the complexity of a home full of connected devices to three colors: red, orange, and green.Those colors will glow from a wireless orb that looks like a smooth river rock and is small enough to fit in your hand. But it’s what is behind this friendly bit of decor that will make the colors meaningful. The San Francisco startup, Dojo-Labs, makes a network security device that plugs into your home Internet gateway and talks to a cloud-based service. It’s all managed through a smartphone app.

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A South Korean startup called Naran has come up with an incredibly clever way for users to control and automate any type of switch-oriented task you can think of. By attaching low-energy Bluetooth devices called “Microbot Push” (or wireless robotic fingers, to be precise) to manual switches, users can rely on an accompanying smartphone app to more easily accomplish any number of tasks, from starting up a coffee machine in the morning to effortlessly turning light switches on and off.

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A microwave that accepts voice-over-recipes, a washing machine that takes commands from a smartphone app and a Wi-Fi enabled air conditioner connected to a smartphone—Appliance makers in India plan to put these innovations together to create smart Indian homes for consumers.Internet of Things (IoT) that enables machines to interact with each other with minimal or no human intervention has spread across various consumer domains. Home appliance makers in India are keen on implementing IoT to everyday used home appliances.

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Dustin Bond of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, trimmed his electricity bill last summer by about 40 percent thanks to the sensors and clever software of a digital thermostat.His Nest thermostat monitors the household and outside temperatures and the family comings and goings, and it offers energy-saving suggestions and nudges on a smartphone app. Mr. Bond’s story seems proof of the bright energy future made possible by the new Internet-era devices of the so-called smart home.

Source: Homes Try to Reach Smart Switch – NYTimes.com

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British teenager Yasser Khattak has launched a home automation system called Den that could save people money on their annual energy costs.

The 19-year-old has redesigned the plug socket and light switch so you can link them to a smartphone app or remote control in order to switch appliances on and off even when you are not at home.

Den could help save money by creating a super easy way to turn appliances off standby.

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In not too distant a future, many of us would be going in for smart homes, i.e., homes that will be fully automated, capable of being monitored and controlled from afar, usually with one’s own smartphone app.

It might have been nearly two decades for many of us to have seen car-borne individuals clicking a button on the remote to raise the garage shutter from inside their cars on approach to their driveways. It is no longer a daydream, nor a distant dream for residents of Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Delhi. The smart home movement is already on. Time magazine predicts that smart homes are expected to be a $12 billion annual business within five years worldwide.

via Switch on your house – The Hindu.

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One of the first products to take advantage of Apple’s new HomeKit software for controlling connected devices in the home has begun shipping ahead of the anticipated introduction of the next generation of iPhones.

August Smart Lock, an electronic lock that provides keyless entry into the home, started shipping in limited quantities this week to consumers who placed orders on the company’s website.

The device, which debuted last year at the D: All Things Digital Conference, lets people unlock their doors using a smartphone app (instead of a key).

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We’ve all heard of the ‘house of the future’. It crops-up in conversation each time a new domestic gadget appears on the market, claiming to take us nearer to a time when homes are completely automated.

The brainchild of both architects and electricians, the typical futuristic multi-million pound smart home has fibre-optic throughout, intelligent lighting that illuminates a path through your house when you come home, and electric heating of ‘zones’ selected via a smartphone app. It probably has a state-of-the-art home cinema, too, and a team of robot vacuum cleaners that keep the place clean.

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