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Forget the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s more like the Internet of Whatever among consumers right now.Despite the hype growing around smart homes – from fridges that can tell you what items you’ve run out of, to controlling your lights from a smartphone – the majority of people don’t have much interest in the new technology, new research reveals.Almost three quarters of consumers are not bothered about having smart technology in their homes in the coming years, according to a survey of more than 2,000 people by PwC.

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Consumers find smart home technology a big turn-off and companies are struggling to put across the benefits of the internet of things, according to a new report.Just over seven out of 10 consumers are unwilling to pay for smart devices in the next five years, says a survey by accountancy firm PwC.Although many who have made the investment are pleased with their purchase, few are bothering to outlay the cash to upgrade to smart technology such as intelligent heating, plugs, appliances, lighting or automated devices.The survey also revealed consumers are keener to find out more about smart technology when they can see a cost benefit, such as energy savings or free supply and installation.PwC also looked at the smart devices selling best.

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The tech industry is in full swing to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ways in which it could revolutionise business and our daily lives, but new research has revealed that consumers do not share the same level of excitement for smart technology.PwC surveyed over 2,000 people and found that almost three quarters of consumers have no interest in putting smart technology into their homes in the coming years. This greatly contradicts the vision of the smart home that consumer electronics companies have been peddling over the past few years in which every house will have a fridge, a coffee maker, a thermostat and a host of other devices that communicate with one another and the cloud to offer a better experience to consumers.

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When Pendl wanted a second home for road trips, Airstream was the clear choice: it matched his own love for modern and industrial aesthetics. He picked the International Sterling model for its especially contemporary interior, what he calls “a sleek…interpretation of that classic Americana style.” But there was a hitch: this retro-futuristic dwelling couldn’t support present-day security systems.Due to due to liability concerns, security companies won’t typically install their products homes on wheels. Luckily Pendl already had some experience with smart technology systems

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This week, Charlotte will host a three-day workshop for Envision America, an effort that will bring municipal leaders, smart technology experts and private sector allies from 10 major U.S. cities together. The goal? To kick start smart city initiatives across the country. And they’re coming here to Charlotte to learn from us.For a city that has long hung its hat on being a major financial center – a distinction that has served us well – it’s a new feeling to be recognized nationally as a clean-energy leader and model Smart City. We’ve started to outgrow our Bank Town moniker.

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Tiny homes are all the rage, at least in certain parts of the country, hailed as a way to minimize one’s impact on the planet, keep personal costs low, and utilize resources more efficiently. Tiny houses are also often viewed as a sacrifice, requiring one to give up many modern-day conveniences and necessities. Intel disagrees, and has built it own tiny house, packing it full of the latest and greatest smart technology to showcase what is possible.The tiny house is located in San Francisco, and is a joint effort between Intel, Kyle Schuneman and Minim Homes. It is a mere 210-square feet, less than half the size of what is commonly considered a small one-bedroom apartment, but it can do far more than the average American home. It is, in the best definition of the word, a ‘smart’ home.

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We’ve all heard of renewables but nearly everyone can now benefit from smart technology in one way or another; whether it’s around the home, at our workplace or through the use of mobile devices. What’s more is that these innovative technologies have the ability to be implemented almost seamlessly into gadgets, appliances, and a plethora of other devices in order to make life a little easier. Mainly marketed as a source of cutting-edge entertainment, what is far less publicised is the technology’s influence on the environment and many of you may be surprised to learn that they can help conserve energy.

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Today CNET is launching a smart home in Louisville, Ky., where its editorial team can see how the homes of tomorrow will function—like a test kitchen for the Internet of Things.The popular product-review site bought a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a swimming pool and a three-car garage for the endeavor. There, CNET’s staff can tinker with the various gadgets home owners are expected to buy over the next three to five years, like smart kitchen and laundry appliances that could help reduce water and energy consumption.As part of the project, it launched a hub for all of its smart-home reviews. “Today people have a piece or two of smart technology,” said Eric Johnson, evp and general manager for CNET Media Group, CBS Interactive. “As we’ve seen, technology has become the driving factor in every bit of our lives. The notion of a smart refrigerator five years ago was that there was an LCD screen on the front of the fridge, but we think it’s going to be a lot more than that.”

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Italy’s National Agency for New Energy Technologies (ENEA) in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin has developed a low-cost, smart technology for extracting energy from sea waves called PEWEC (Pendulum Wave Energy Converter). It has been studied specifically for the Italian coast waves, characterized by mild intensity, small size and high-frequency. It’s a floating, raft-resembling device, to be positioned offshore, relying on the hull oscillation induced by waves.

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While trends in the smart energy market change continually according to reach individual region, there is little doubt that growth is prevalent across the sector as a whole.This is supported by a new report that has been released by the U.S. market intelligence firm HIS Technology, which was commissioned to determine the global demand for smart technology within the home. The findings were startling, with the U.S. sector of the market expected to expand by $4 billion by the year 2025.

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