Homeowners want security systems installed to protect the family and safeguard the house. For an installer, that can be a springboard to more sales by incorporating home automation features into the equation, as shown by two recent studies conducted by Parks Associates. via Uncovering Video Surveillance, Home Automation Trends – Spotlight Article from CE Pro.

Kwikset, the leader in residential security, announces that its line of SmartCode™ locks will be a part of Logitech’s new Harmony Living Home lineup of entertainment and home automation devices. Logitech’s Harmony® Living Home brings together a wide array of compatible brands, such as Kwikset™, Honeywell®, Lutron®, Sylvania® and many others, to create one centralized Continue reading →

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It’s the new gold rush: the Internet of things, particularly the home automation segment. You have to watch out for fool’s gold, bandits, price gougers, and bad stakes — whether you’re a user, provider, or developer. Perhaps the biggest danger is that of the common platform. At this week’s GigaOm Structure conference, a lot of Continue reading →

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Smarthome® announced today that it has expanded its offering of connected home products with the introduction of the new Wink hub. Compatible with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Lutron ClearConnect, the Wink hub allows connected home enthusiasts to control devices from all their favorite brands by allowing them to speak the same language. The Wink Continue reading →

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AT&T is adding a dedicated on-wall and table-mount touchscreen controller to supplement the tablet and smartphone apps available to monitor and control the company’s home-automation and security system. AT&T’s announcement follows an announcement by home-automation startup Wink that it will add an in-wall control center to supplement app control of its wireless home-automation hub. via Continue reading →

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Digital locks are all fine and well, but a thief can still simply pick the lock. The Haven Smart Lock takes home security a step forward while still folding in some digital smarts. This electronic lock, which can be unlocked from your smartphone, reinforces the door from the bottom up. Haven was developed by a Nashville-based startup Continue reading →

We’re seeing a lot of activity in the smart-home field these days. Players like Google and Apple are vying with broadband providers, security firms, home improvement stores, and of course, the home energy management crowd, to find the right combination of technology and service to get people to open their wallets for home connectivity. via Continue reading →

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AT&T* and Telefonica announced plans today for a limited trial of AT&T’s home security and automation service in Europe. By licensing the AT&T Digital Life platform, Telefonica can offer trial users a wireless home automation platform all managed through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. AT&T independently owns its platform, allowing for others to license a Continue reading →

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For home improvement retailer Lowe’s, the ongoing explosion in the Internet of Things has created a few challenges. For example, thousands of home automation and security device makers all want Lowe’s to sell their products. The problem: many don’t want to share their Application Programming Interface (API) software with Lowe’s, said Kevin Meagher, vice president Continue reading →

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Home automation and the Internet of Things have become popular topics today. Users either love it or fear it, the latter thanks to very real security problems which have been discovered. Nest is no stranger to problems, thanks to its Protect issue from not long ago, but that hasn’t stopped the company from moving forward, adding Continue reading →

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Though home automation systems have existed for years, typically helping to control your thermostat or boost security, they can require professional installation and be complicated to operate—not to mention that they can also cost thousands of dollars. Happily, that’s starting to change, as a bevy of easy-to-install alternatives are arriving on the scene. They’re less Continue reading →

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Employing electronics technology as your security guard at home is one of the key factor driving smart home market. Another important factor in smart home market growth is saving/tracking energy consumption. However small is your home, you would like to safe guard the house from fire, theft and such incidents. Also spending some money on Continue reading →

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When we think about smart meter security, we typically think of hackers who crack the network to get access to smart meters. Yes, that’s a significant risk, but there’s much more to it than that. Kris Ardis is Executive Director for Energy Products at Maxim Integrated. In this first installment of a two-part series, he Continue reading →

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AT&T* today announced beginning Friday, July 25 it will expand Digital Life to cover Michigan City and La Porte. Other nearby areas with new availability include Rolling Prairie, Westville and Union Mills. AT&T Digital Life ® makes customers’ lives easier by simplifying the management of their home. Digital Life offers security, convenience and peace of Continue reading →

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Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability. These three supreme goals of information system security apply across all industries. So it’s no surprise that the benchmarks of smart grid security are: Ensuring that authorized people have access to specific information and others do not (confidentiality) via Securing the smart grid: achieving 3 goals of safe information access | Intelligent Continue reading →

Extending its leadership in energy measurement solutions for the smart grid, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced new three-phase metering systems-on-chip (SoC) for smart electricity meters and portable measurement applications. The new MSP430F67641 SoCs include high-performance delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for energy measurement products requiring high accuracy across a wide dynamic range. An integrated Continue reading →

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has filed the proposed CIP-014-1 — Physical Security Reliability Standard with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as part of a FERC directive to work with stakeholders to develop and file a standard that addressed physical security threats and vulnerabilities to the bulk power system. “The industry has long been engaged in Continue reading →

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The government should do — and refrain from doing — a number of things to support a smooth transition to the Smart Grid. First, it should ensure that open, global standards are implemented, enabling utilities to choose among competitively priced, quality vendors. Government should stop short of actually selecting a standard, letting utilities decide which Continue reading →

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Elster Solutions has developed a new infographic that is focused on “simplifying the key components of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) security.” The infographic presents the three benchmarks of AMI security and the top 10 questions to ask about smart grid security. via Renew Grid: Content / New & Noteworthy / Elster Simplifies the Complexities of Continue reading →

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EPB on Wednesday unveiled a new $3.5 million war room and distribution center at the rear of its sprawling complex at the corner of Oak and Greenwood streets. Access is restricted to the bunker-like facility, which is guarded by security forces and locked with biometric screening devices. via EPB unveils $3.5 million futuristic command bunker Continue reading →