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Innovations sometimes pop up unexpectedly — something the up-and-coming smart home operation at Nucleus learned right around the time of its founding.Today, the New York-based firm stands behind a clever central control hub for smart homes that’s been endorsed by the likes of Amazon and Lowe’s. And while the firm couldn’t be happier about its progress, Cofounder and CEO Jonathan Frankel had a much simpler goal in mind at the start.All he wanted was an intercom system to keep track of his three rather energetic young boys while at home, and his research revealed that even a relatively simple intercom system would cost multiple thousands of dollars and require drilling some fairly serious holes in his walls.

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The problem with predicting the future of the Internet of Things is that a world of connected devices can take so many forms and affect so many things that isolating discrete examples of this digital revolution can be a slippery proposition. Especially in today’s iPhone-obsessed culture, it’s the headline-grabbing tentpole product releases of brand names that capture the public’s imagination, whereas the potential of IoT is much more a sum of its parts.In 2016, that potential could finally — and literally — come home to roost.

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Verizon announced the launch of ThingSpace — its new Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed to provide improved connectivity to devices at reduced costs.The new platform will enable devices to connect to its 4G LTE network at reduced access charges and help drive down costs associated with developing IoT-enabled devices, said Mike Lanman, senior vice president of enterprise and IoT products at Verizon, at the company’s San Francisco Innovation Center, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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