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Wearable technology is often touted as one of the greatest applications of the Internet of Things, and with good reason. Wearable electronics that consumers can display on their bodies have the potential to transform the way we live. Devices from Fitbit and its peer companies allow people to track their health and exercise progress in previously impossible ways. And smartwatches bring the power of smartphones directly to the wearer’s wrist. But IoT devices didn’t just crop up out of nowhere. This wearable technology can trace its roots back further than you might think, and the road ahead for wearable devices looks bright.

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In 2015 ComEd achieved record reliability for a third year in a row, much of it due to smart grid work begun in 2012. This modernization work, along with ComEd’s focus on customer engagement, helped position Illinois as the second in nation in the 2015 Grid Modernization Index (GMI). The report, produced by the GridWise® Alliance and the Smart Grid Policy Center, evaluates and ranks states based on their progress in modernizing their electric systems with smart grid technologies. The GMI applies a clearly defined set of criteria to evaluate the progress of state grid modernization efforts in three key areas: policy, customer engagement and grid operations.

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While neither company is in the habit of announcing products or platforms outside of their own events, both Google and Apple have looked poised to make significant smart home announcements for the past six months. With CES, a prime candidate for such an announcement, now out of the way, we have to ask when the Google and Apple smart homes will arrive.A likely reason for the slow progress suggested by a recent Accenture report, which found that consumer enthusiasm for tech had significantly waned in the past year, and that the small growth of IoT devices is nowhere near enough to compensate for the falls in smartphone, laptops and TV purchasing intent and consequent revenue. The Accenture report was released just before CES, and it’s possible that the two would wish to avoid announcements that would allow the press to join the dots and brand the launch a doomed endeavor.

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The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has announced that wind led the clean energy sector in terms of progress in 2015. “This American success story is not only helping us build a better world for our children, it’s also helping consumers save money,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association. “Wind energy’s continuing growth is something that should make all Americans proud.”

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Innovations sometimes pop up unexpectedly — something the up-and-coming smart home operation at Nucleus learned right around the time of its founding.Today, the New York-based firm stands behind a clever central control hub for smart homes that’s been endorsed by the likes of Amazon and Lowe’s. And while the firm couldn’t be happier about its progress, Cofounder and CEO Jonathan Frankel had a much simpler goal in mind at the start.All he wanted was an intercom system to keep track of his three rather energetic young boys while at home, and his research revealed that even a relatively simple intercom system would cost multiple thousands of dollars and require drilling some fairly serious holes in his walls.

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