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The Trump Administration is no friend to renewable energy, but it seems that the US Department of Defense has other ideas. The Air Force is forging ahead with solar projects in California and New Jersey, and now the Navy is giving itself a big pat on the back for helping to develop a new device for harvesting ambient energy from rivers, tides, and ocean currents.The Navy seems particularly excited about the potential for providing remote villages in Alaska with relief from the high cost of diesel fuel for

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Wearable technology is often touted as one of the greatest applications of the Internet of Things, and with good reason. Wearable electronics that consumers can display on their bodies have the potential to transform the way we live. Devices from Fitbit and its peer companies allow people to track their health and exercise progress in previously impossible ways. And smartwatches bring the power of smartphones directly to the wearer’s wrist. But IoT devices didn’t just crop up out of nowhere. This wearable technology can trace its roots back further than you might think, and the road ahead for wearable devices looks bright.

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We’re on the cusp of a Cambrian explosion in smart home products. The speedy march of technology is churning out everything from connected bottle openers to automated window blinds, keyless locks, and security cameras that text you when someone breaks into your home.These technologies can offer unprecedented levels of information and automation. But with so many potential places to start, it’s time to get smart about setting up a smart home of your own.Curbed checked in with a handful of experts including Nest Platform Head Greg Hu, Canary co-founder & Chief Design Officer Jon Troutman, Amazon Alexa Director Charlie Kindel, IFTTT CEO Linden Tibbets, and LittleBits Director of Product Design Krystal Persaud—all to get their takes on the best smart home products and how to transform your dumb home into a smart one.

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The device pictured at the top of this post might look like a cute little android straight out of a science fiction movie, but looks can be deceiving. The CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall is all business, and it has just one single mission: protect your home network and smart home devices from hackers, viruses, malware and any other potential cyber threats. In a day and age where our computers store more and more sensitive data, devices like Cujo are absolutely crucial. It takes just 3 minutes to set up and it could save you months of headaches that you would have to deal with if you ever got hacked.

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The property and casualty insurance industry is taking a closer look at the potential for smart home devices. Observers expect that smart homes will have a similar effect on home insurance that telematics and the connected car did for auto insurance. Soon, carriers aim to use connected-home technology for claims avoidance, underwriting and improved interactions with homeowners beyond just creating a policy.

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While Siri and Google Now are well-established smartphone features, it is in the smart home that voice control systems will live out their full potential. Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart plugs, and more will extend the reach and simplicity of managing the smart home environment using voice. With ABI Research forecasting more than 120 million voice-enabled devices to ship annually by 2021, voice control, which combines speech recognition and natural language processing, is quickly becoming the key user interface within the smart home.

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The Siemens Building Technologies Division and Capgemini are set to put in place a cloud based services platform comprising asset management and analytics technology. The two entities are adding to the development of the web-based Energy & Sustainability Navigator platform that has saved 10.5 million tons of CO2 per year for customers. Both companies are looking to ensure corporate real estate owners see business results and meet energy efficiency goals, while making the best of the lifecycle potential of their customers’ real estate assets.

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There are two sides to the coin: security and data privacy, both of which have the potential to undermine confidence in the entire IoT concept.With regards to security, there is a whole host of situations where an IoT device or system could be compromised. Think of last year’s hacks of a Jeep on a motorway or a power station in Ukraine. Thankfully, no lives were lost in either, but it is no stretch to imagine the havoc that could be unleashed.On the issue of data privacy, few connected devices will have a user interface through which an operator or vendor can inform the user about the terms and conditions of use, where their personal data may be stored and how it may be used, and thereby gain the user’s acceptance of those terms.

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Despite all the potential that we are already seeing from the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever increasing number of devices (aka “things”) that are connected to it, there is a much bigger world out there just waiting to be connected. Samsung Electronics announced a plan for a dedicated wireless IoT network that will be available across Korea by the middle of the year. The recently announced contract with SK Telecom will test the network in Korea’s fourth largest city, Daegu, next month. The test will

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Many developers are chomping at the bit to become experts at current breakthrough technologies in sensors, embedded systems, mesh networking protocols, big data analytics—all the elements of what’s popularly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Many CxO-level executives are also interested in the IoT and how they can broaden their grasp of its potential. But if you’re a developer trying to get corporate buy-in for an IoT project, you need to understand that the pitch is somewhat different from one for a

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