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After years of promoting the benefits of wind, the Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition is changing its focus — just a bit. Now pairing its seven years of advocacy for wind with advocacy work for solar energy, the coalition hopes its new focus will be reflected in its new name — the Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition (GWSC).”This bipartisan governors’ coalition has been highly effective at getting policy results and have helped grow wind energy for nearly a decade,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). “The governors’ decision to combine forces with solar energy reflects the economic and environmental value of diversifying our nation’s grid with clean, reliable renewable energy.”

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Microsoft showcased an interactive demo to illustrate the future of IoT and highlighted its crucial role in driving the smart city vision at the Gitex Technology Week that opened today (October 19) in Dubai, UAE.The demo showed how IoT devices, Microsoft Cloud, and Analytics come together to build a safer and smarter city; that improves the lives of people and aids governments and policy makers to use information to drive informed decisions to run smarter cities.

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The grid-connected utility-scale battery storage market is expanding rapidly, driven by impressive technological breakthroughs and growth in manufacturing capabilities. The rising profile of the market has caught the attention of governments, which are now rolling out favorable policy initiatives such as subsidies, preferential tariffs and targets in core markets. Commercialization of utility-scale grid-connected solutions will accelerate after 2017, bringing huge opportunities for companies that have the technological capabilities to compete.

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At least twice a week someone pings me with an idea for a guest article on how engineers must solve security problems if the Internet of Things is going to reach its potential. After plenty of talk on the topic, a wave of real action is on the rise.The Intel-led Open Interconnect Consortium defining a high-level IoT software stack recently called for engineers to join its work on security. I know its rival, the Thread Group, is engaged in similar work. The IEEE is taking a different tack, organizing an effort in which policy makers to join engineers

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A report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative (MITEI) looked at the future of solar, and found that to further solar’s progress, there would need to be an added emphasis on developing lower-cost technologies as well as more effective deployment policy.

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