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IEEE says its draft standard addressing electric-sourced transportation infrastructure, IEEE P1809, is being redesignated as IEEE P2030.1 and will join the organization’s IEEE P2030 smart grid family of standards.

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While Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm are starting a new joint venture to provide machine-to-machine (M2) wireless communications and smart services to a wide range of markets including utilities, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) has hired an energy and environmental director to look at how the U.S. broadband/communications infrastructure and policies can support the nation’s energy and environmental goals.

These are just a couple of the recent developments in the world of smart grids.

The FCC has recently hired former venture capitalist Nick Sinai of Polaris Ventures as its energy and environmental director to create a National Broadband Task Force to evaluate the nation’s broadband/communications infrastructure and how it will enhance the smart grid, reports Fierce Telecom.

The biggest proponents for the smart grid are the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the IEEE , which jointly developed the Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Project P2030.

The FCC will develop rules and regulations for utility companies leveraging wireless spectrum and broadband access technologies, reports Fierce Telecom.

The Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm joint venture, yet to be named, will focus on smart services enabled by M2M capabilities. As an example, smart grid technology enables utilities to wirelessly connect to their grid assets such as circuit breakers, transformers and other sub-station equipment, allowing them to develop more interactive utility networks. Analysts peg the M2M market at more than 85 million connections globally by 2012, according to the companies.

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If you have missed the IEEE P2030 meeting at Santa Clara on June 3 through the 5th and would like to have access to the information, you can watch the video of  Task Group 1 about Power Engineering delivered by Sam Sciacco.

[flv:http://smartgrid.testing-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/IEEE%20P2030%20June%203-5%202009%20-%20Sam%20Sciacco%20Power%20Engineering%20TF1.flv 320 240]

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I have received the below email from Senior Program Manager of the IEEE Standards Association:

You are receiving this email because you have signed up as in-person attendee for the IEEE SCC21 P2030 smart grid interoperability standard development meeting June 3-5, 2009 in Santa Clara CA hosted by INTEL at the corporate headquarters conference facility.

Please note:  Due to high demand for in-person attendance we are asking that if you have determined you cannot attend, please send me an email at XYZ–@ieee.org immediately indicating you will not be attending. This will allow others to take your place.

According to Intel, they are limiting the number of attendees to 150. The NIST May 19th and 20th will have over 400 people.

There are too many people and companies trying to influence the outcome of the Smart Grid. The Telecoms providers – Verizon, At&T, T-Mobile, etc –  want the Smart Grid to use their 3G network at the meter, others wants to use the ZigBee  Mesh topology, and do not forget about HomePlug, Wi-Fi, and 4G WiMax (or is it a 4G? I thought it is dead!)

The last thing I heard is the use of SIP messaging. I can not see my grandma trying to figure out SIP. She just wants to reduce here energy bill!
More to follow, stay tuned…

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Today the IEEE announced a groundbreaking smart grid initiative for the power engineering, communications and information technology industries with the project approval of the IEEE 2030 Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS) and End-Use Applications and Loads (P2030).

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