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Globally, the digital revolution has increased need for electricity with greater reliability and better quality than is typically delivered through conventional power distribution systems. As more manufacturing processes and service industries become dependent on digital services, the requirement for high security, quality, reliability, and availability of an electric power supply will only go up. India’s existing infrastructure has been designed for large conventional sources of energy that involves manual intervention and oversight. However, with the government’s thrust on renewable energy sources, there is a need to restructure the grid to have an underlying IT infrastructure to merge and manage the energy generated from renewable sources along with conventional energy sources. The need of the hour is an integrated grid with an IT backbone. Smart grids can reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency of the electricity networks, and manage electricity generation from renewable technologies.

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The term “HOME AUTOMATION” used to be reserved for two very specific types of homeowners: You were either filthy rich or loved to tinker. However, home automation has come a long way, baby. Today, there are solutions available almost everywhere, making it easy to turn just about any home into a “smart” home. Do you really need it, though? Absolutely! You probably wouldn’t dream of living without a TV, a smartphone, and/or a computer. Today’s electronics have made our lives easier—and a lot more fun. Howev

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We’re currently witnessing rapidly expanding product launches and sky-high elevated expectations from the emerging deployment of the Internet of Things in both personal and commercial domains. Stakeholders — ranging from hardware manufacturers and service providers to cloud platforms — are vigorously weighing in to position their offerings in anticipation of windfall rewards from accelerated IoT adoption.While vendors are in a mad rush, jockeying for a land-grab position, one thing is becoming increasingly clear — connected devices, apps and services, which collectively comprise the building blocks of IoT solutions, are in need of a dependable communication fabric for robust deployment.

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Who could imagine being wowed by a garbage can? In our age of technological whiz-bang, not much floors us anymore. But I confess, I couldn’t stop thinking about the lowly garbage can.Embedded with smart sensors, it alerts city workers when it’s ready to be emptied, which slashes fuel costs and avoids unnecessary garbage pickups. That may not sound so impressive — at least compared to driverless cars or sending regular folk into space — but when the dumbest of items gains intelligence, we need to pay attention.

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For several months, I have been writing about smart manufacturing and the Internet of Things (IoT). I promised to myself to change topic, but my recent participation in the annual CSIA Executive Conference pushed me back on topic. The Executive Conference is the annual occasion when the Control System Integrators Association members get together to discuss best practices to manage and grow their businesses, market developments, and trends that will impact their businesses over the coming months and years.As happens these days at every conference, IoT issues were prevalent—enough to give them their own “unconference” session, crowded with system integrators and technology providers, reflecting the attention to the issues and the need for discussion and clarity.

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