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It’s been a good week for microgrids in Ontario. A second utility has announced plans to move forward with a project, this one a residential microgrid to be installed by Veridian Connections.Wednesday’s announcement by Veridian followed release earlier in the week of a solicitation by Sault Ste. Marie for the next phase in development of its municipal microgrid.

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The beginning of the year is a time to consider change and reformation. In our personal lives, we resolve to improve what we can. During the darkness of winter, we consider what new activities we will embark on as daylight increases. Many readers of Automated Buildings go to the AHR show, to learn of new technologies to put into the field this next year. There is a growing acknowledgment of microgrids as an approach that solves many of the most pressing issues in facilities. The technologies are lining up.Is this, then, finally the year of the microgrid?A microgrid is a system of systems that manages its energy generation, distribution, and use internally. A microgrid may or may not be connected to a larger grid. If it is connected, it may choose to buy, or to sell power to the larger grid. Its position of power shortage or surplus may change over time. Many think of a microgrid as something that supports a multitude of buildings, say an industrial park. I am writing this column on a portable laptop that meets all of the definition above.

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Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is proposing to develop two electric microgrids – one in Baltimore City and one in Howard County – as part of a pilot program to test the microgrid concept. Microgrids are self-contained , small-scale electric grids with their own power generation source that can power a commercial center independently of the regional power grid when necessary, such as in the aftermath of a severe impact storm.

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The term ‘non-transmission alternative’ may sound wonky to some. But to companies that work with microgrids, distributed energy, energy efficiency and the like, it sounds like opportunity.The term refers to installing smaller, local energy technology instead of new transmission infrastracture to alleviate congestion.Several states see non-transmission alternatives as a way to avoid a hefty bill for new high-voltage lines, as high as $50 billion per year over the next two decades by some estimates. In addition, installing microgrids or solar panels in lieu of overhead wire averts battles with communities over marring scenic views.

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Not long ago when Schneider Electric’s Mark Feasel would make an appointment to talk to a utility about microgrids, he’d usually get shuffled off to the ‘smart guy’.The smart guy is interesting, but he has no budget and therefore no real influence. Being sent to him signaled the utility’s lack of enthusiasm.But something has changed. For one thing, Feasel has noticed the smart guy is no longer the only one talking about microgrids. At energy conferences, for example, C-suite utility leaders now take the podium.

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