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The Thread Group (www.threadgroup.org) today announced the release of Thread, the new IP-based wireless networking protocol designed for low-power connected products in the home. Starting today, product developers who are members of the Thread Group can access Thread technical specifications and documentation to build Thread-compliant products.”Thread was designed to be the foundation of the Internet of Things in the home by allowing developers and consumers to easily and securely connect hundreds of devices within a low-power, wireless mesh network,” said Chris Boross, president, Thread Group. “In the nine months since opening membership, more than 160 companies have joined the Thread Group, and now the group is launching the Thread technical specification, which has now completed extensive interoperability testing. Today’s announcement means that Thread products are on the way and will be in customers’ hands very shortly. I’m excited to see what kinds of products and experiences Thread developers will build.”

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Whole home automation from a smartphone, tablet, PC or wearable device is now possible with CSRmesh, as it allows an almost unlimited amount of Bluetooth Smart enabled sensors and actuators to be simply networked together.

The CSRmesh protocol was first announced last year and optimized for lighting control. CSRmesh Home Automation extends this capability to allow for control of a wide variety of sensors or actuators that you want to add to the mesh network.

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It’s hard to introduce a new “standard” for home automation or Internet of Things without being laughed out of the (enlightened) media, but this new protocol called Thread is the most exciting initiative I’ve seen since Z-Wave. And I’ve been doing this for 20 years.

That’s because Thread takes the most ubiquitous networking protocol on the planet – IP – and turns it into a mesh network to optimize coverage and performance. Specifically, Thread is based on 6LoWPAN, the low-power wireless protocol that delivers IPv6 over an 802.15.4 radio – the same radio used for ZigBee.

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Itron Inc. says it has expanded its ZigBee Smart Energy-certified product portfolio across the company’s product line. Itron’s newly certified products include the EM425 meter, an IEC-certified electric smart meter for the U.K. market, and the M2 Gateway, an Itron communications module that enables third-party meters to communicate on Itron’s radio-frequency mesh network.

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Sensus is the only one of the big five smart meter giants that uses a licensed star network, rather than an unlicensed mesh network, to connect smart meters — a fact that could offer key advantages, as well as drawbacks, in the world of connecting meters and other smart grid devices.

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