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While cellular-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are still being finalized in the standards process, non-cellular solutions like those promoted by Ingenu, Sigfox and members of the LoRa Alliance are catching a bit of a break.These companies and others are expanding their low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies, and they’ve had time on their side. France’s Sigfox aims to install networks in 100 U.S. cities by the end of this year. Ingenu is expected to cover at least 30 metro areas with its Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) by the end of 2016. They can enjoy their time in the sun while wireless operators and their partners ramp up LTE-based systems that will compete with them. That’s in part because unlike proprietary technologies, standards require a lot of time to build consensus and develop an ecosystem.

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The IoT industry is exploding, and with that explosion in everything from chipsets to devices to protocols and more, comes the push from service providers and suppliers alike to standardize, collaborate, certify and comply.It’s a natural evolution that many other communications industry segments have already gone through. While some larger industry groups have included the Internet of Things (IoT) under their umbrella of projects and committees, at Mobile World Congress 2015, the LoRa Alliance launched to tackle the standardization of a low power wide area networking (LPWAN) specification intended for battery-operated things.

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