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Wind energy is green power. On that we can agree. Where there hasn’t been widespread agreement however is in how to best harness the potential of wind energy – on a mass scale.  Five Southern Methodist University seniors believe they have harnessed that potential, possibly changing the green power landscape forever – one roof at a time. Jonah Kirby had always been intrigued by wind energy and green power.  His first wind energy source prototype was designed his freshman year at SMU.  Kirby then spent Sophomore and Junior years tinkering and refining his different designs.  And as fate would have it, he met several like-minded students who became a senior design project team.  The fruits of that project have evolved into what is today Fiddler, “the first smart-connected wind energy source for the modern home”.

Source: Green Power, Meet Fiddler (On The Roof) – Earth911.com