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Institutional investors remain eager to put money to work on renewable energy projects even as U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to revive their chief competitor: coal, financial executives said at a conference this week.”Five or six years ago, funds weren’t specifically targeting renewable investment; today it’s a key component of infrastructure investment,” said David Giordano, managing director and head of North American, Latin American and Asia Pacific investments at BlackRock, on the sidelines of the Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York.

Source: Renewable energy no longer a niche to institutional investors – Business Insider

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Australia’s National Energy Market is hamstrung by an out-dated, ‘dumb’ grid, and must be updated to face the realities of low carbon, low marginal cost energy generation. Greater inter-connectivity is the first critical step needed to ensure sufficient competition in the market to drive down prices, and allow the continuity of supply in periods of low renewable generation.A diversified energy mix is required to ensure continuity of low carbon energy supply and growth of investment opportunities. Continual and increasing investment in increasing efficiency of wind and solar photovoltaic power, as well as in alternative methods of generation such as bioenergy, geothermal, concentrated solar power, and tidal power is required.

Source: Time to ditch the “dumb” grid and embrace a smart energy future : Renew Economy

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Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Itseez, a specialist in computer vision algorithms and applications for embedded and specialized hardware.These types of algorithms have applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and for autonomous vehicles, which major technology companies and global automakers have been giving increasing levels of investment.The acquisition is part of Intel’s transition from a chip company that mainly focused on PCs to one that powers cloud technologies and smart-connected computing devices.

Source: Intel Acquires IoT, Autonomous Vehicle Specialist Itseez – InformationWeek

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Automating and controlling various aspects of your home is both convenient and fun in a geeky way. A small portion of these home automation devices will also add comfort and have the potential to save you money. What? Save money? Yes. A smart thermostat can help you save money on your monthly bill. Unfortunately, you need to spend money to save money. But again, a smart thermostat is more than just a long term investment. It’s changing the temperature of your house from the comfort of the couch or bed. It’s monitoring the temperature of your baby room. It’s convenience, easy access, and money saving all in one nice package.

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The cost of “smart” paving tiles that generate electrical power from human footfall will drop below £600/sq m this year, bringing them closer in line with high-end landscaping options for the first time, their inventor has claimed.Pavegen tiles generate about 7W of power from every footstep and store it in a battery to power street lighting or other streetside uses.The tech start-up became a crowdfunding success story last year when it won more than £750,000 of investment in just two days, through the website Crowdcube, then went on to attract more than £2m.

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