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Home automation products are set to add $1.8 billion in new consumer electronics sales through 2018 reports Allison Halliday of Realty Biz News. The forecast comes from The Future of Tech report from global information company, The NPD Group, which predicts a 74% growth in this category from 2016 to 2018 which will be driven by sales of monitoring and security projects as well as growth in power and sensors.

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Security has changed dramatically over the years.  With the influx of technology, protecting the home has gone to the next level.  From intelligent cameras to fingerprint scanners, today’s homes are safer than ever. There are so many different devices designed to protect the home that it might seem a bit overwhelming.  Hopefully, the information below will help you get started and learn more about this amazing new technology. The future of home security continues to advance and it can help protect you and your family.


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What if you could know immediately after giving a lesson how students reacted to it? Experts say an increase in wearable technology will make this a reality for more and more teachers year after year.”As smartwatches, wristbands, headsets and other wearable products become more sophisticated, expect to see classroom networks of these “ultramobile” devices interacting with each other and enabling students and teachers to share digital information as never before,” says a new District Administration article.

Source: Education World: Experts Elaborate on the Future of Wearable Tech in the Classroom

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We’re on the cusp of a Cambrian explosion in smart home products. The speedy march of technology is churning out everything from connected bottle openers to automated window blinds, keyless locks, and security cameras that text you when someone breaks into your home.These technologies can offer unprecedented levels of information and automation. But with so many potential places to start, it’s time to get smart about setting up a smart home of your own.Curbed checked in with a handful of experts including Nest Platform Head Greg Hu, Canary co-founder & Chief Design Officer Jon Troutman, Amazon Alexa Director Charlie Kindel, IFTTT CEO Linden Tibbets, and LittleBits Director of Product Design Krystal Persaud—all to get their takes on the best smart home products and how to transform your dumb home into a smart one.

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Professor Carlo Ratti wants to bring smart city technology to the supermarket, the Guardian reports. Ratti’s Future Food District will alert customers on product information throughout a store using sensors, photographs, and through an app categorizing people based on their purchasing habits. Ratti does not believe privacy concerns surrounding smart cities apply to his supermarket idea. “We’re about giving information about products to people, but not vice versa in terms of providing information about the people to the supermarket,” Ratti says. Ratti does acknowledge the ethical concerns surrounding smart cities, but insists they aren’t limited to the technology. “We are leaving a lot of digital traces as we go, even when just using smartphones to go on to Facebook or Twitter, and it all poses questions about who is accessing the data and so on,” said Ratti.
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