Smart energy services in the home are already wrapped up with home security settings. Intelligent light bulbs and smart thermostats are standard offerings as part of smart home packages, which are led by security. But people are ready for more, much more, according to new research from Parks Associates released at its Smart Energy Summit Continue reading →

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Curb energy loss with smart renovations While homeowners may not immediately think of their attic as a major source of energy loss, the reality is that as much as 25 percent of the energy lost in the average American home occurs there. As the weather begins to get cooler, you may be inclined to increase Continue reading →

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Control4 (Nasdaq: CTRL) has always had a smart thermostat to integrate with its home automation system, and for a long time has supported third-party stats as well (yes, Nest too). At ISE 2015, though, the company is (finally) launching a home-grown successor to its original stat that controls virtually all functions of any HVAC system. Continue reading →

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According to recent research by Parks Associates, 25 percent of the broadband households across the nation find an energy monitoring service “very appealing.” In more good news for cable operators that offer home automation services, 22 percent were interested in an appliance monitoring service while 26 percent found an HVAC monitoring service very appealing. Parks’ research Continue reading →

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Researchers have predicted the global home automation and control market will reach $12.81 billion by 2020. The concept of home automation, which mainly includes automation for centralized control of lighting, HVAC, appliances, and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and security, has been in existence for a long time. However, during the Continue reading →

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In a quest to bring home automation to the masses, Quirky+GE unveiled seven competitively priced Web-connected devices, all of which were dreamed up by outside inventors and voted through to development by crowdsourced “influencers.” The iOS-controlled Aros Smart Window air conditioner is another Quirky device born from this idea-to-manufacturing scheme. Taking aim at advanced HVAC Continue reading →

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Trane’s new thermostat is actually more than a thermostat – it’s a whole-home automation hub. It is the only thermostat with a built-in home automation bridge, giving it the capability to control more than just a home’s heating and cooling system and connect the entire home. The bridge can connect more than 200 additional Z-Wave Continue reading →

Today, at CEDIA EXPO 2014, Nest made the day of every home automator installers and retailers everywhere: Nest finally works with the major players in home automation, Control4, Crestron, Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) and Universal Remote Control (URC). These are the pricey advanced home automation systems that, up until now, did not officially support the Continue reading →

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Transparency Market Research published a new report based on “Home Automation Market(Lighting, Safety and Security, Entertainment, HVAC, Energy Management) – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2013 – 2019” that covers the extensive research study on home automation and controls market, specifically, the security control, access control, lighting control, HVAC control, outdoor Continue reading →

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A building is often only as intelligent as the electrical distribution network it connects with. That’s why smart buildings are often seen as an extension of the smart grid. Meters, building controls, intelligent lighting and HVAC systems, distributed energy systems and the software layered on top are indeed valuable for controlling localized energy use within Continue reading →

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David Cameron’s announcement of an extra £45 million to develop the Internet of Things is great news – that’s £73 million that the UK has earmarked in funding research in this space. The announcement highlights a growing understanding at the highest levels of government of the huge potential, both commercially and from a consumer perspective, Continue reading →

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The majority of electricity transmission systems in service today are high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) systems that rely on many of the same technologies that existed at their conception more than 100 years ago. Today, however, the rapid worldwide expansion in large-scale wind and solar projects, coupled with the growth of heavy industry in Latin America, Continue reading →

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Smart buildings will change over time based on the evolution of technology and the increased interest in the smart building approach by designers, contractors and manufacturers. This may mean new building control systems (i.e. indoor positioning systems), but it is more likely be advances in the “foundational systems” such as security, electrical distribution or HVAC. Continue reading →

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Telkonet, Inc. (OTCQB: TKOI), whose business divisions include EcoSmartTM, an intelligent energy management system and EthoStream®, one of the largest high-speed Internet access providers in the world, is pleased to announce the EcoInsightTM intelligent thermostat. Telkonet has released the EcoInsight, a highly intelligent thermostat with over 125 configurable settings to control the efficiency of HVAC Continue reading →

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iControl Networks and EcoFactor, a provider of cloud-based home energy services, are partnering to deliver a smart energy service that integrates energy devices and appliances with data analytics about HVAC energy usage on iControl’s open, device-agnostic platform. via EcoFactor, iControl Networks partner on energy management – Electric Light & Power.

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Nest, the “apple offspring” smart thermostat company has added variable tariffs to its control algorithm for the HVAC control. A typical control cycle is indicated below. The original blog from the NEST site is also referred below. Wonders how some apply mystery fizzle can turn boring tech into cool gadgets. Or is it good marketing, or Continue reading →

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In the world of sustainability initiatives, providing charging stations for electric vehicles doesn’t provide the same bang for your buck as, say, energy-efficient lighting upgrades or super green HVAC systems. But property owners, managers and REITs are seeing the advantages to so-called EV stations and are installing them at office, retail, hotel and other commercial Continue reading →

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The Energy Information Standards (EIS) Alliance, a nonprofit corporation created to develop a common framework for customer equipment to use, generate and communicate energy data, says it has begun work on the problem of interoperability between different manufacturers’ home energy management (HEM) products, as well as between those products and the smart grid. To resolve Continue reading →

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For countless city governments, energy efficiency has become the cornerstone of their sustainability efforts. With municipal budgets across the country constrained or even in crisis, finding cost savings has become an imperative. Energy costs are a major component of city budgets, and across the country those costs are increasing every year. You’d be hard pressed to find a local Continue reading →

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It seems that one of the world’s largest thermostat makers, Honeywell, had a learning unit quite a few years before the now-popular “Nest” did, and nixed it soon after its conception. Speaking with Honeywell’s President of Environmental and Combustion Controls division miss Beth Wozniak, GigaOM’s Katie Fehrenbacher found that Honeywell decided to drop the program Continue reading →

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