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The global Internet of Things (IoT) market is forecast to grow from $7 billion in 2014 to $45 billion by 2019, according to a recent report by Technavio, making it abundantly clear that homeowners nationwide are investing in devices that help improve security, comfort, and peace of mind in their homes.HVAC contractors have taken notice and stand ready to fulfill these demands, which often begin with the gateway into their customers’ homes: the smart thermostat.

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In 2015, Ecovent won the CES Home Automation Product of Year for its intelligent home zoning system, giving homeowners room-by-room temperature control. This year, HVAC and Automation company will be providing an early look at the Home Health Report (HHR)—a new diagnostic feature that will provide homeowners with detailed reports on the health of their home. With it, first-time homeowners will have a complete understanding of the workings of their house. Using the data collected from the home, the HHR provides data and reports on the performance of a home, including:

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Once you’ve purchased a connected thermostat, this New York-based startup wants you to think you’re only halfway done with making your HVAC system more intelligent. Keen makes a connected vent that opens or closes when it detects people in the room, or when it senses that the room is too hot or cold. The idea is that a homeowner would pay $80 per vent (the initial kit with a vent and bridge to connect the vents to a Wi-Fi network costs $120) and eventually your home becomes so smart that it only heats or cools rooms based on occupancy and their temperature.

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Premium industrial goods company Emerson Electric Co. (EMR – Analyst Report) recently disclosed that its popular WI-Fi-enabled thermostat is now attuned to Wink home automation systems. The company’s Sensi thermostat, which received great response in the market since its launch in last year, is regarded as one the best Wi-Fi thermostats of recent times. This product modification has not only helped fortify Emerson’s existing portfolio but also augmented its brand status in the global HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) controls and thermostat industry.

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When the Federal Bureau of Investigation issues an alert to healthcare organizations and others warning of the serious cyber risks the Internet of Things presents, it’s probably best to pay attention.For healthcare security folks, this means paying closer attention to the myriad IoT devices within their organizations. And they’re not necessarily all the devices you might think of. They also include things such as HVAC remotes, Wi-Fi camera, insulin dispensers, thermostats and any type of wearable and other medical devices. These devices, FBI officials said, are notorious for having serious security deficiencies. This, combined with patching vulnerabilities, make these IoT devices an attractive target for cybercriminals.

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