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Think of all the ways smart phones have made our lives easier. We can hail rides, navigate streets, share photos and so much more. Now get ready for the next step in smart tech: fully connected smart homes that would make George Jetson proud.Today, just about anyone can turn their humble abode into a high-tech automated hub that not only keeps your family safe and secure, it also lets you monitor and control a slew of functions from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. For example, Cox Homelife, a reliable, 24/7 professionally monitored and remote home management system, provides advanced features in addition to what you get in a traditional alarm system with time-saving, cost-saving and worry-saving features to help customers protect, monitor and control their home and ensure their family’s safety.

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There was laughter and perhaps some wishful thinking 50 years ago when George Jetson and his family whizzed around in a personal spacecraft, had a robot doing housework and were served breakfast from an automatic short-order machine.

How far have we come, Lowe’s wondered, and how close are our homes to TV’s Jetsons? The Lowe’s 2014 Smart Home Survey discovered that Rosie the Robot, the lovable jack-of-all-trades from the animated sitcom (1962-87), is the futuristic feature Americans would most like to have in their own homes now. Next in line: the meal machine and the flying suit.

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