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One can assume that battery electric vehicles (EV) are cleaner than traditional gasoline fueled cars, but do they really reduce the emissions that fuel climate change?Credit: Tomwang112According to a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) comparing them to gasoline cars over their lifetime, the answer is yes.Over their entire lifetimes — from manufacturing to driving to disposal — battery electric cars produce half the global warming emissions, on average, of comparably sized gasoline cars. In addition, driving a battery electric vehicle is cleaner than the average gasoline vehicle on global warming emissions everywhere in the country, and has been improving over the last three years.

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The best smart thermostat systems and smart-heating systems you can buy in the UK in 2015. The best home-automation services dedicated to keeping you warm and saving you money. It’s Nest vs Hive vs Tado vs Heat Genius and we’ve just added our full Netatmo and Honeywell reviews. PLUS: Inspire, PassivSystems and HeatMiser. You’ve probably seen the adverts for Hive with its quirky song about how great it is to control your heating from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. And yes, it is – pun intended – a cool thing to be able to do. But more than that, smart heating is likely to be a key part of every home going forward. As fuel costs rise and supplies run dry the ability to heat our homes in an efficient way will stop being a nice bonus, and become an essential part of every home’s economics.

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Great River Energy and its 28 distribution cooperatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin have launched a a first-of-its kind electric vehicle (EV) program that allows cooperative members to upgrade the electricity used to fuel their vehicles to wind energy.

Although renewables are already part of Great River Energy’s power portfolio, Great River Energy says the Revolt program provides a more direct connection between wind energy and the electric vehicle driver.

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As America’s cities struggle with traffic congestion, overpopulation and energy problems, they are turning to the Internet of Things to get themselves above water. But they need to face age-old problems, like data silos and consumer skepticism head-on, say experts in the trenches.The Internet of Things (IoT) holds promise for cities by curbing resource waste and making operations more efficient. Connected devices can indicate when it’s time to pick up trash in public areas or when street lights should turn on and off.

Source: IoT systems could fuel smart cities — with caveats, say experts

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Fuels produced using plant-based materials can offer a promising way to reduce the carbon emitted by road vehicles.

That’s because their plant feedstocks absorb carbon dioxide from the air, bringing them far closer to a carbon-neutral footprint than any fuel refined from crude oil.

But for diesel-powered vehicles, the term “biodiesel” is used loosely and imprecisely–and often covers anything from plant-derived fuels to burning used deep-frier grease in your converted old Mercedes.

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