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For years, organizations have turned to security events and logs, aka machine data, to meet compliance requirements for regulations and mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, NERC, ISO, COSO, and the EU Data Directive. These compliance requirements typically include security event logging and retention, threat detection and alerting, and incident review and response. Additionally, organizations must measure the effectiveness of the many technical controls required by these regulations and mandates.In the past, organizations have turned to traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software to meet these requirements. SIEMs centrally collect event and log data from security devices. In turn, these logs can be harnessed for cross-data source correlations and rules to detect threats, after-the-fact incident investigations and response, and for compliance reporting.

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History is being made today. The Indianapolis 500—one of the most coveted and iconic races in the world—is being run in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 100th time. As if that milestone isn’t significant enough, this is also the first ever sellout crowd, and the Indy 500 is teaming up with BlueMetal and Microsoft MSFT -0.26% to launch cutting edge technology that fundamentally changes the way fans will engage with the event.One thing sports fans love is statistics. If you’ve ever watched the Indy 500, you know that there are plenty of statistics and data points to go around—fastest lap, average speed, who’s leading the race, etc. The network does the best it can to share the relevant facts and figures as the drivers make their way around the 2.5 mile oval for 200 laps. Now, you will be able to track and monitor virtually every statistic you can think of in real time thanks to Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Internet of Things World, the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event, opened today in Santa Clara, California. The event highlights transformational IoT topics and industries, including smart homes and cities, connected healthcare, wearable devices, autonomous cars, and intelligent energy. Over 10,000 people and 200 exhibitors are expected to attend the event over three days, which for the first time combines Internet of Things World, Future Connected Cars, Wearable World Congress, and Apps World North America. The event will run May 10-12. Executives from BMW, GE, Lyft, Amazon, John Deere, and Microsoft will be presenting on a variety of panels.

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The dust has just about settled on Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 and, from the millions of lines of reporting and press releases as well as hundreds of hours of video footage of the event, what were the key takeaways? What will shape the telecom industry — and indeed the world — over the next five years? One thing’s for sure: The Internet of Things (IoT) will be front and center. In the last 12 months, it has already disrupted the 4G roadmap and become a prime driver of the 5G specification process. At MWC, IoT was present in every hall and touched everything from components, devices and applications to RAN, core and BSS/OSS. It is a driver of innovation in wearables, smart cities and drone applications.

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Pioneering real-time analytics specialist EveryWare will demonstrate how businesses can harness the Internet of Things to save money and improve business efficiencies at this year’s IoT Tech Expo.EveryWare identifies the inefficiencies that are costing businesses money through the use of retrofit sensors and Internet of Things technology, allowing them to resolve issues instantly and remotely, before they escalate. Managing Director Nigel Maris will be speaking at the event, taking a hypothetical look back at the rise of IoT from the year 2025.

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Ericsson (ERIC – Analyst Report) recently collaborated with U.S.-based broadband and telecommunication company, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ – Analyst Report), to aid the deployment of cellular low-power wide-area (“LPWA”) networking for Internet of Things (“IoT”) applications. Of late, Ericsson is keeping rather busy in demonstrating its latest IoT offerings and collaborations in the ongoing CES 2016 event, which are likely to unlock multiple sources of revenues in the near future.

Source: Ericsson, Verizon Continue to Foster IoT Developments – January 8, 2016 – Zacks.com

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There are some differences though, the main one being a 3.5-inch LCD display atop the SmartThinQ Hub, which can show information such as the time, local weather, your next calendar event and more.The LG SmartThinQ Hub also serves as a central device for accessing all of your smart home products.Dumb devices are also compatible if they’re hooked up to SmartThinQ sensors via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.By ditching voice commands, I’d say on paper the SmartThinQ Hub is already lacking compared to Amazon’s Echo as voice control is a key feature in Amazon’s product.

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The Arab Spring movement, which grabbed the world’s attention in 2011, was made possible by the confluence of three key technologies: The Internet, smartphones and Twitter. No one could have predicted how these technologies would end up helping to support such a historical event, marking the beginning of a human behavioral change.

The Internet of Things (IoT) also shows how technologies — such as the commoditization of RFID and TCP/IP hardware and Internet-ready wireless networks —  can come together in unpredictable ways to create something new. The IoT is beginning to support societal shifts just as big as the Internet and the smartphone have.

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Last week at the Smart Kitchen Summit, people couldn’t stop talking about the Amazon Echo.Part of the reason is the event was a forward looking gathering, where folks talked about how technology will change the way we cook, shop and interact with our food, but also because voice-control just makes sense in the kitchen. The very act of cooking occupies hands and makes them dirty, so an Echo on your counter means cranking up the volume on that dinner hour playlist or moving to the next step of a recipe app no longer means grease or cookie dough on your iPad.

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In its efforts to carve out a slice of the Internet of Things, Intel announced its first processor in years that is not compatible with its x86 architecture. Separately, a small company in Sweden shared its story of working on another Intel IoT chip.

The two inputs were among several glimpses into the PC giant’s efforts at its second annual event here focused on the Internet of Things.

Source: 8 Views of Intel’s IoT Efforts | EE Times