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Should the world promote economic growth or fight climate change? That model of “either/or” thinking may be losing its validity faster than even some experts have imagined. While fossil fuels – coal, oil, gas – still generate roughly 85 percent of the world’s energy supply, it’s clearer than ever that the future belongs to renewable sources such as wind and solar. The move to renewables is picking up momentum around the world: They now account for more than half of new power sources going on line.

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Westcountry business leaders have been told that the UK must switch to ‘smart’ systems to safeguard its energy supplies, rein in spiralling costs and avert power blackouts in the years ahead.

The Devon and Cornwall Business Council held a full council meeting held at the South West Energy Centre in Paignton last week, to discuss energy security in the face of dwindling natural resources and the UK becoming increasingly dependent upon imported oil and gas.

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Several years ago, the National Academy of Engineering set about ranking the 20th century’s greatest technological achievements. A group of scientists and engineers, led by the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, weighed in and came to a startling conclusion: The greatest achievement wasn’t the Apollo program, the automobile, or the splitting of the atom. It was the electrical grid.

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Following an extensive bidding process, Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) has announced its partners for the utility’s Positive Energy smart grid project. A deployment will begin in Norman, Oklahoma in 2010.

OG&E’s smart grid will streamline operations at the utility and will provide its customers with the information they need to better manage how they consume energy. Smart grid technology will help OG&E keep electricity prices down while increasing the reliability of its energy supply.

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Energy is an integral part of everyone’s lives and sometimes people take it for granted, Charles Zeh said during the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation’s recent Energy Summit.

Charles Zeh manages the non-fossil energy work of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory as director of the Project Management Center. He was as one of several guest speakers at the “Energy Opportunities for West Virginia” seminar, held May 27 at the I-79 Technology Park Research Center in Fairmont.

Teaming to Win and the WVHTC Foundation’s Affiliate Leadership Council co-sponsored the event. Jim Estep, president and CEO of the foundation, welcomed the packed audience to the Energy Summit, and Congressman Alan Mollohan provided opening remarks. The distinguished panelists then gave presentations related to energy opportunities in the state and West Virginia’s energy future.

Individuals today live in a society that has an abundant and reliable energy supply, and the world’s reliance on energy will increase, Zeh told the attendees.

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