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Commonwealth Edison and a group of partners yesterday set out to make Illinois’ newest power plant a virtual one that will be attached to the walls of more than one-fourth of the electric utility’s 3.8 million customers in and around Chicago.But instead of generating electrons, the mission of deploying 1 million tiny devices is to avoid them.ComEd, Chicago-area gas utilities along with smart thermostat markers Nest Labs Inc., ecobee and other partners crafted a program with the goal of putting 1 million thermostats in northern Illinois homes by 2020 by offering rebates that cut the cost in half.

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Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), the third largest electric utility in the United States, is reportedly making “excellent” progress on plans for three new large-scale solar energy centers, the utility reported as part of the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) annual Ten-Year Site Plan workshop.

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Verizon recently announced its Grid Wide Utility Solutions, a new Internet of Things platform service that is designed to offer utility companies an easy on-ramp to grid modernization. Available in the U.S., Grid Wide is intended to offer electric utility companies an integrated solution for smart metering, demand response, meter data management and distribution monitoring and control.

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Mike Ito would just as soon forget 2014. The marketing director for Honolulu’s Alternate Energy rode the huge boom in Hawaii’s rooftop solar installations as customers cashed in on the state’s 35 percent tax credit. But then the electric utility, Hawaii Electric Company (HECO), pulled the plug on many of his customers, refusing to authorize installation. As a result, he had to personally fire 30 solar installers and “let down their families.”

Call it the grid wars. Ito and his company are among the most severe casualties of the growing conflict between the rooftop solar industry and the big electric utilities, which have enjoyed monopolies for a hundred years.

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Hawai‘i is seeing a dramatic shift to renewable energy resources driven by electric bills that cost roughly double the national average. On March 25 to 27, the County of Maui in partnership with Maui Economic Development Board will hold the second Maui Energy Conference and Exhibition amid this revolution to examine how consumers see the electric utility. The conference will take place at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and is expected to attract businesses throughout the state and nation.

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