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Australia’s National Energy Market is hamstrung by an out-dated, ‘dumb’ grid, and must be updated to face the realities of low carbon, low marginal cost energy generation. Greater inter-connectivity is the first critical step needed to ensure sufficient competition in the market to drive down prices, and allow the continuity of supply in periods of low renewable generation.A diversified energy mix is required to ensure continuity of low carbon energy supply and growth of investment opportunities. Continual and increasing investment in increasing efficiency of wind and solar photovoltaic power, as well as in alternative methods of generation such as bioenergy, geothermal, concentrated solar power, and tidal power is required.

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After Hurricane Sandy smarty-pants pundits like me suggested that maybe what we need right away is not a smarter, more agile grid but, rather, a really tough dumb grid. Indisputably, technologies integrating digital communications and computing into power system infrastructure were materializing much more slowly than their proponents had predicted, and measurable benefits were hard to find. But if the darkest is just before dawn, as the saying goes, then perhaps now the smart grid may at last be coming over the horizon.

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The India Smart Grid Forum has come out with a smart grid vision and road map, covering 3 five-year plans from 2012 to 2027. The ‘smart grid vision’ involves transforming the Indian power sector into a secure, adaptive, sustainable and digitally enabled ecosystem by 2027, that provides reliable and quality energy for all with active participation of stakeholders…

India’s power demand is increasing at 8-10 per cent per year. In October 2008, the Smart Grids India Conference was held to discuss the infrastructure needed to modernize the grid and to turn a ‘dumb grid’ into a ‘smart grid’.

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A new bill in the California Assembly would mandate that electricity utilities store 2.25% of peak demand load by 2014 and 5% by 2020. AB 2514 was introduced by Attorney General Jerry Brown and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner. If it passes, energy storage will become common in California and this will help create a smart grid.

Our current grid, both state-wide and national, is old, creaky, and dumb. The amount of power produced must always match the power consumed because there’s no place to store extra energy. Conversely, a sudden surge in demand now means generating plants must act instantly.

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The difference between the 20th century’s electricity grid and the 21st century’s “Smart Grid” is data and how it is used to manage energy services. Think what an opportunity that represents for the knowledge workers of the Bay Area!

The traditional grid, or “dumb grid” if you like, was based on limited information and leaves no real control for us consumers over what we pay for – electricity. The future smart grid features controls based on real-time data from the generating side of the equation, as well as “demand response” based on detailed, timely information.

via City Brights: Danny Kennedy : Get Involved in Smartening the Grid.