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Imagine this – you are returning from office in your self-driven car and as you approach the garage, it recognises your car and opens the door. As you get down and are about to enter your home, your living room door does the same. Behind you, it locks again and the face scanner reactivates. As you enter, your house has already cooled itself to an ambient temperature because your AC had already sensed your impending arrival, while queuing up your favourite tracks on your connected music system. You ask your digital assistant to read out your personal emails, and at that very moment the music volume goes down and your email is read out via the same speakers. Your TV switches on to display the attached images and the lights in the room change colour to match the multimedia content on the screen. You close the emails with a gesture, ask your digital home assistant to turn up the music again. Finally, you get to relax and have some coffee that was just the right temperature, because you set the coffee maker via its app before you had left.

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Professor Carlo Ratti wants to bring smart city technology to the supermarket, the Guardian reports. Ratti’s Future Food District will alert customers on product information throughout a store using sensors, photographs, and through an app categorizing people based on their purchasing habits. Ratti does not believe privacy concerns surrounding smart cities apply to his supermarket idea. “We’re about giving information about products to people, but not vice versa in terms of providing information about the people to the supermarket,” Ratti says. Ratti does acknowledge the ethical concerns surrounding smart cities, but insists they aren’t limited to the technology. “We are leaving a lot of digital traces as we go, even when just using smartphones to go on to Facebook or Twitter, and it all poses questions about who is accessing the data and so on,” said Ratti.
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History is being made today. The Indianapolis 500—one of the most coveted and iconic races in the world—is being run in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 100th time. As if that milestone isn’t significant enough, this is also the first ever sellout crowd, and the Indy 500 is teaming up with BlueMetal and Microsoft MSFT -0.26% to launch cutting edge technology that fundamentally changes the way fans will engage with the event.One thing sports fans love is statistics. If you’ve ever watched the Indy 500, you know that there are plenty of statistics and data points to go around—fastest lap, average speed, who’s leading the race, etc. The network does the best it can to share the relevant facts and figures as the drivers make their way around the 2.5 mile oval for 200 laps. Now, you will be able to track and monitor virtually every statistic you can think of in real time thanks to Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality and it seems the concept of ‘B-IoT’ or the Building Internet of Things is at your doorstep! But what does this really mean for the average homeowner? As a closet futurist, eco junkie and architect, I am excited as saving energy through efficiency and conservation through automation is finally possible.A lot of luxury homes jumped at the first opportunity of automation — remote controls to draw and close blinds, set up mood lighting. They even had stairwell lights and night lamps turning on or off with movement sensors. But is this what a smart home is really about? Not really.

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released a long-awaited ruling on cybersecurity regulations for the U.S. electric grid — with one stark omission. In its ruling, FERC determined, “With regard to argument that the Commission should do more to promote grid security by mandating secure communications between all facilities of the bulk electric system, such as substations, the record in the immediate proceeding does not support such a broad requirement at this time. However, if in the future it becomes evident that such action is warranted, the Commission may revisit this issue.”

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