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Recent years have seen a significant evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). It has become increasingly easy to connect devices to the Internet and send sensorial data to the public cloud. However, it’s quite evident that the adoption of IoT platforms and stream analytics within the enterprise is lagging and less prevalent. This could be associated with lack of skills required to deploy a platform and the difficulty to demonstrate value of such platforms through real-life use cases.

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Cloud communications platform Twilio has announced a new cellular network partnership with U.S. cellular giant T-Mobile, called Twilio Programmable Wireless, which will provide data, SMS, and voice communications to connected devices.

Announced at SIGNAL, a developer conference on communications, the partnership expands Twilio’s platform to devices outside of Wi-Fi range, which require constant Internet service. Devices like autonomous cars, drones, or even outdoor sensors that send information in real-time back to the server should be able to use T-Mobile’s cellular service.

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IoT, and the promise it offers, are edge devices that communicate with the cloud and gather big data. It isn’t a concept, rather it is a state of connectedness and system intelligence. The culmination of multiple emerging and mature technologies, IoT provides actionable intelligence to both systems and people.We typically think of the device as the embodiment of IoT, because it is most visible. But the infrastructure, the system behind the device, is where the real value lies. Without the system, the edge device is pretty much useless. Without the entire system, you cannot effectively solve a problem or affect an outcome efficiently. Without every piece, the outcome can’t be achieved.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to bring millions of devices online, and as many as a quarter million unique IoT applications will be developed by the year 2020. That means opportunities for skilled developers and technologists will abound. However, there are other, subtler ways the IoT will affect the job market. “We’re seeing tech companies around the globe getting organized and creating IoT strategies, but where they’re struggling is they don’t have the processes and talent in-house to make these things happen,” says Ryan Johnson, categories director for global freelance marketplace Upwork. By tracking data from Upwork’s database, Johnson and his team have identified major technology skills companies need to drive a successful IoT strategy.

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In September, Jeff Smith, senior director and founding member of Incenergy; presents “Lessons Learned from IIoT Deployments” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference. Today he chats with us about the challenges and opportunities of getting started with the IIoT.

Smart Industry: What are some of the greatest lessons you have learned from IIoT deployments?

Jeff: I have learned that data input, computational power, system logic and data presentation can all live in separate locations, both physical and virtual. A

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