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The venerable ICSA Laboratories – these days a subsidiary of Verizon – has added Internet of Things certification to its cyber security certification.Whether it’s got any chance of success is anybody’s guess. While the world is trying to catch up with the idea that a security camera might need to be configured with something other than admin/admin as its password, new products arriving in the Internet of Things space include connected toothbrushes and Bluetooth tampons.

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In July 2015, two cyber security researchers demonstrated to a reporter at WIRED magazine how they could remotely control a Jeep Cherokee after having hacked the onboard entertainment systems to gain control of the vehicle. The wireless “zero-day exploit” led Chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles to update their security systems, at considerable cost to the Chrysler bottom line and a collective scary bother to its customers.

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Cisco will help Berlin build an mHealth platform in their latest project to turn the German capital into Europe’s leading smart city. In a deal announced over the weekend, Cisco and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics signed off on a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will cover telemedicine (mHealth), cyber security and of course building a general network infrastructure to support the platform. It will provide easy access to patient data for hospitals, general practitioners, specialists, clinics and emergency services.While it isn’t known exactly how much Cisco and the city will invest in this project, it is part of a much larger package wherein Cisco will invest $500 million in the national Deutschland Digital initiative over the next three years that will build infrastructure across the country for various services and push the testing of new communications technologies like 5G networks.

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ComEd is building a microgrid in Bronzeville and just received federal funding for its next step: solar power and battery storage that could eventually keep the Chicago Police Department headquarters and other key buildings running during a mass power outage.Illinois’ largest electricity utility received a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative last week that will be used to design and deploy the technology.A microgrid is a grouping of electricity sources and buildings — in this case, most of Bronzeville — that has the ability to disconnect from the larger grid and function independently. It offers stability in the case of a mass power outage and provides cyber security.

Source: ComEd gets $4 million to build microgrid in Bronzeville – Chicago Tribune

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With the market for smart home safety and security systems estimated to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 77% by 2019, existing electronics giants are jostling with a raft of innovative start-ups for a slice of what remains an embryonic sector. Below are some companies to watch as the industry tackles multiple challenges, not least interoperability and cyber security.

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Across the US, the historic relationship between GDP and electricity demand growth is projected to drastically change. At the same time, utilities’ average capital and operational and maintenance (O&M) expenses are increasing due to aging infrastructure, integration of smart grid technologies and increased need for cyber security. Conflicting market forces such as these can be a strong indicator of increasing energy costs for end-use customers in the years ahead.

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The first security vulnerability Michael Murray ever reported to Bugtraq was memorable in the way he found it. Back in 2000, the former security researcher discovered a flaw in a function in the Linux kernel after banging his hand on the keyboard in frustration when he couldn’t get his telnet session to disconnect: Striking random keys ultimately crashed the session and exposed the bug. “That one was silly,” he says of his unorthodox and inadvertent discovery method.

Murray now hacks GE medical devices and equipment for a living, and the bugs he and his team find could have serious consequences for patients and healthcare professionals. As director of GE Healthcare’s cyber security consulting and assessment, the 15-year veteran of the security field is overseeing the product lifecycle development of the company’s medical devices and equipment — from the design phase and on. “Source code analysis, integrating security testing into the normal test cycle, and penetration testing at the end.” It’s all about building these sensitive medical systems and devices with cyber security in mind, rather than as an afterthought.

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Security is hard enough to master in the traditional enterprise network. Now add all types of devices on the Internet of Things, great (think cars) and small (think webcams and baby monitors), which were never built with cyber security in mind.

Internet-connected devices run the gamut from SCADA systems to consumer products, and security weaknesses in these products have been under the glare of the spotlight the past year as researchers have publicized major flaws. Some of the affected industries got their first taste of white-hat hacking as vulnerabilities were revealed in cars, pacemakers, road traffic systems, home automation systems, and airplanes. The big shift: Public safety is now part of the equation with some of these products.

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Global infosec firm MWR InfoSecurity has received a multimillion pound investment from the Environmental Technologies Fund to address increasing cyber security challenges faced by the smart energy sector.

MWR InfoSecurity, the only independent company in the UK Government’s Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme, has a dedicated team of incident responders and cyber defence consultants constantly helping some of the UK’s largest companies address the latest cyber security threats.

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At this key juncture in its brief history, SGIP 2.0, Inc., has become fully operational as a private entity focused on critical power industry issues most relevant to our stakeholders, which include utilities, regulators, equipment vendors and integrators.

The challenges we’re addressing are familiar to everyone involved in grid modernization: cyber security, the integration of renewable energy resources, gaps in standards, harmonization of global standards, consumer engagement and transactive energy—to name just a few.

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