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Electricity customers have more choice in how they consume and manage their energy today than at any time before, and the number of options available continues to multiply. But what is it customers want? What types of products and services are they being drawn to? And are they following through with a purchase? That’s what the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s (SGCC) latest Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation Study seeks to shed light on. It examines how customers interact with electricity providers a

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Honeywell will provide three power providers in the United States with managed smart grid services that offer a simpler way to manage technical smart grid networks, and enable improved electricity service and reliability for their customers. The Honeywell subscription services offer an alternative for smaller utilities, which typically have fewer IT resources, that choose not to own and manage their own advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) software. Managing AMI software is a resource-intensive task that many smaller utilities often struggle to accommodate.

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Reliant is leading the market with one more proof point for why it is the company Texans can count on to power, protect and simplify life. Reliant has introduced a new offering in its home security product line with the launch of the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. The sleek, interactive technology is part of Reliant’s growing suite of residential solutions, designed to give customers convenient and secure control while at home and on the go, all from the palm of your hand.

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The Siemens Building Technologies Division and Capgemini are set to put in place a cloud based services platform comprising asset management and analytics technology. The two entities are adding to the development of the web-based Energy & Sustainability Navigator platform that has saved 10.5 million tons of CO2 per year for customers. Both companies are looking to ensure corporate real estate owners see business results and meet energy efficiency goals, while making the best of the lifecycle potential of their customers’ real estate assets.

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National Grid is launching its ConnectedSolutions platform, allowing customers to connect and manage their smart thermostats and other home devices to improve energy savings and comfort while allowing National Grid to alleviate peak load demand.The energy platform will allow customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to conveniently reduce energy use in the summer, when energy demand is high, reducing energy use during periods of peak demand (reducing regional energy costs), protecting the environment by lowering emissions, and supporting state and local energy initiatives.”National Grid is committed to customer convenience and reducing energy costs,” said Carlos Nouel, National Grid’s leader of the New Energy Solutions division. “By utilizing WeatherBug Home, the ConnectedSolutions platform provides our customers with energy intelligence that does the work for you to maximize savings and comfort. We are excited to introduce this to Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers, and eventually, roll it out across our entire service area.”National Grid is introducing ConnectedSolutions to eligible Massachusetts and Rhode Island electric customers and in the coming months, expanding the platform to New York. Powered by WeatherBug Home’s Internet of Things (IoT)-centric approach to bring additional energy intelligence and value, the platform will initially work with Honeywell and ecobee smart thermostats, and expand over time to additional connected devices including washers, dryers and hot water heaters.Because 50 percent of a home’s energy use is driven by weather, ConnectedSolutions utilizes WeatherBug Home’s ability to integrate proprietary weather data with patented thermodynamic modeling and energy consumption data from connected devices.

Source: National Grid adopts IoT-centric approach to energy management – SmartGridNews