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When your custom-built home is planted on a prime piece of property that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway in sunny southwest Florida, huge, scaling, floor-to-ceiling windows are an absolute must. They deliver phenomenal views, of course — but also allow in excessive heat from the sun. Consequently, the builder of our award-winning smart home, Voigt Brothers, makes sure to outfit every residence he builds with Lutron motorized shading. Lighting control from Lutron is also a standard feature to provide an eye-pleasing aesthetic, as is the handiwork of a reputable home systems integrator to tailor the technologies to the unique needs of the owners of each residence.

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One of the things that’s great about modern Wi-Fi is how far-reaching signals from your router can be, especially if you’ve optimised the placement of your gear. But, of course, this wide coverage comes with a downside too: your Wi-Fi network probably extends to your neighbours’ homes and out onto the street, and if you don’t take steps to properly secure access to your data, any snoopers can ride on your bandwidth.

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Amazon’s voice activated home automation gadget can mistake radio and TV programme for human commands- as some owners found out recently while listening to a US talkshow.To activate Echo, users need to ask the ‘assistant’ Alexa to perform a task, from playing their favourite song to dimming the lights- provided they have the correct smart home appliances to do so of course.

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Earlier this month, Nest’s smart thermostat reportedly stopped working, leaving many users frustrated and their homes freezing cold. Users took their problem to social media, blaming a mysterious software bug that drained Nest’s battery, and complaining that the thermostat can’t connect to the Internet. Connectivity, of course, is the main thing in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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There are a wide variety of technology platforms, or protocols, on which a smart home can be built. Each one is, essentially, its own language. Each language speaks to the various connected devices and instructs them to perform a function.Choosing a smart home protocol can be tricky business. Obviously, you want one that will support a large number of devices, as well as one that offers the best possible device interoperability (the ability for devices to talk to each other). But there are also other factors to consider, such as power consumption, bandwidth and, of course, cost.

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