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Cloud communications platform Twilio has announced a new cellular network partnership with U.S. cellular giant T-Mobile, called Twilio Programmable Wireless, which will provide data, SMS, and voice communications to connected devices.

Announced at SIGNAL, a developer conference on communications, the partnership expands Twilio’s platform to devices outside of Wi-Fi range, which require constant Internet service. Devices like autonomous cars, drones, or even outdoor sensors that send information in real-time back to the server should be able to use T-Mobile’s cellular service.

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Chicago-based startup Hologram has announced its cellular platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), which provides businesses with a cost effective way to design, create, and deploy IoT devices.Hologram claims to provide an end-to-end solution for businesses, with everything from connected hardware to cloud messaging services bundled into its cellular platform.

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AT&T has a longer history than any of the other U.S. carriers, and cellular is just one chapter in that history. The company’s leaders know that cellular will not be the primary network for the billions of devices that will connect to the Internet of Things.“A majority of them are not going to utilize the cellular connectivity,” said AT&T’s Mobeen Khan, associate vice president for IoT solutions. “So knowing that, what we are looking at from an AT&T perspective is how can we add value even if the connectivity is happening beyond the cellular connectivity.”Khan said in the months ahead AT&T will have a series of IoT-related announcements that integrate non-cellular connections, like satellites and Wi-Fi networks. AT&T owns satellite TV provider DirecTV, and it also owns more Wi-Fi hot spots than any other U.S. carrier.

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As the definition of 5G becomes clearer, many are seeing it as being the perfect solution to many of the problems that currently exist with the Internet of Things — namely the inability to bring together disparate networks such as RFID and Bluetooth with the underlying cellular framework that needs to happen to make the IoT vision a reality.

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Much of the Internet of Things will run on the same networks that smartphones use, cellular giant Verizon says.Despite the prospect of new networks that reach farther than cells and let IoT devices communicate for years on one battery charge, many of the power-sipping networked objects to be deployed in the coming years will use LTE and future 5G cellular systems, a Verizon executive said in an interview Wednesday.Many legacy IoT devices, also called M2M (machine-to-machine), use 2G or 3G networks now. Carriers want to phase those out in the coming years to shift their frequencies over to newer networks.

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