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Imagine this – you are returning from office in your self-driven car and as you approach the garage, it recognises your car and opens the door. As you get down and are about to enter your home, your living room door does the same. Behind you, it locks again and the face scanner reactivates. As you enter, your house has already cooled itself to an ambient temperature because your AC had already sensed your impending arrival, while queuing up your favourite tracks on your connected music system. You ask your digital assistant to read out your personal emails, and at that very moment the music volume goes down and your email is read out via the same speakers. Your TV switches on to display the attached images and the lights in the room change colour to match the multimedia content on the screen. You close the emails with a gesture, ask your digital home assistant to turn up the music again. Finally, you get to relax and have some coffee that was just the right temperature, because you set the coffee maker via its app before you had left.

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From LEDs to thermostats and security gadgets, we’ve decked out the CNET Smart Home with all sorts of connected tech. The Amazon Echo — a Wi-Fi-enabled speaker with voice control capabilities via Alexa, the Echo’s ever-present robot assistant — is at the center of these updates. That’s because Alexa is accessible, an easy entry point into the wild world of smart devices. Just say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” and she will. No app, no hub, no fuss.

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Gillian Tett has numerous written award-winning articles and books but one tweet  in response to a new feature from Tesla brilliantly sets the stage for understanding why consumers will embrace Internet of Things (IoT) more quickly than many people expect:I LOVE the idea of using my phone to get my car to drive itself out of the garage, heated up. Our first two words: “Who wouldn’t?”Who wouldn’t want the smartphone that we already know and love have the power to ensure we never again have to shiver in a cold car?

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Another year at the Consumer Electronics Show and more records fell. Attendance topped 173,000 — including 50,000 from outside the U.S. — with 3,800 exhibitors covering 2.5 million square feet.But this year did not have any truly impressive, jaw-dropping product-tech debuts and felt very much like the last two to three years. The really cool topic remains the advent of the Internet of Things, or IoT, where the Web will move past logging onto a “www” URL to access content and instead free-flow in real-time, seamlessly throughout one’s typical day of interactions at home (web-connected shower, water heater, self-watering flower pots), on the road (connected car, exit signs), at work (thermostats, light bulbs), during lunch (bistro table, interactive menu), shopping (product displays, fitting rooms), dropping the kids at soccer (connected ball, goal-net, shin guards), and picking up some groceries (shopping cart interacts with your fridge’s inventory).

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Ford has shown off what it’s developing behind closed doors at its relatively new Innovation Centre in Palo Alto.As part of the car company’s push to become more software focused the centre was built two years ago. Since then developments have advanced in its cars including smarter Sync voice controls, autonomous vehicle development and more.We visited the centre to see what Ford is working on now that should start to appear in its new cars soon.Lots of these projects are aiming to have in car results by as early as the end of 2016.

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