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Many developers are chomping at the bit to become experts at current breakthrough technologies in sensors, embedded systems, mesh networking protocols, big data analytics—all the elements of what’s popularly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Many CxO-level executives are also interested in the IoT and how they can broaden their grasp of its potential. But if you’re a developer trying to get corporate buy-in for an IoT project, you need to understand that the pitch is somewhat different from one for a

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GPS doesn’t work well inside – usually doesn’t work at all – so the hunt has long been on to find some other, almost inch-perfect way, of locating objects inside and doing clever things using the information.  There are just vast numbers of use cases for an indoor local positioning system (LPS?) in IoT, so a recent breakthrough by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceLab (CSAIL) could be significant.Existing positioning systems usually rely on special beacons or on simply fixing position from listening to WiFi access points – the first expensive, the second unreliable.

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In tech circles, few topics have been generating more buzz of late than the Internet of Things (IoT), the projected surge of smart, networked devices that promises breakthrough improvements in sectors as diverse as healthcare and energy, transportation and agriculture.

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Ericsson, AT&T and chipset provider Altair have unveiled a new power saving mode that will help IoT devices run for a decade on one set of batteries. It could help system managers save a fortune in maintenance and extend the reach of machine to machine networks dramatically.The development partners demonstrated the new LTE Power Saving Mode for commercial chipsets at an event in Atlanta. The demo ran in the AT&T booth running on Ericsson networks and Altair’s FourGee-1160 Cat 1 chipset featuring ultra-low power consumption.

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Rapid advances in wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are being mirrored by breakthrough innovations in battery technologies. Traditional chemistries and forms are giving way to radical batteries that are flexible, thin, stretchy, curved, foldable, and even pin-sized.New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Implications of Mega Trends on Batteries, finds that lithium-ion and primary lithium are the chemistries of choice in sensors for IoT, wearable devices, smart cities, and storage. While the lithium-ion market is expected to reach $55 billion by 2020 and continues to see prominent adoption, advanced chemistries such as metal-air, flow batteries, and sodium sulphur are set to gain market share. Solid-state battery construction is becoming a popular choice for powering miniature devices that require high energy density.

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Regular Wi-Fi signals have been successfully tweaked to keep a battery-free camera powered on continuously. The breakthrough, achieved by researchers in the United States, allows for powering multiple electronics that are beginning to comprise the Internet of Things (IoT).A regular battery-free surveillance camera is being run solely on the tweaked Wi-Fi signals. What’s equally important is that the researchers haven’t impeded on the router’s data transfer speeds.

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Alternative energy cannot take over from fossil fuels without a way to bridge over the peaks and troughs that can occur when the wind fades or the sun dips. That’s what gets us so excited about advances in grid scale batteries.

In the most recent breakthrough, the good folk at the Fraunhofer institute in Magdeburg, Germany, have risked taking their own facility off the power grid, leaving their many sensitive experiments at the mercy of a megabattery to prove the concept.

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Telecommunication companies, faced with local market saturation and stunted growth, have rolled up their sleeves to seek a new growth spurt via different business fields.

Their plan is to find a breakthrough by stepping into the Internet of Things (IoT) market while diversifying into non-telecommunication areas such as smart grids, bio-pharmaceuticals, games, and security.

An industry expert said, “Once telecommunication companies’ new businesses take off, their competitions will be switched to wide-ranging industries including bio-pharmaceuticals and games, not to mention electronics companies such as Samsung Electronics. Their diversification is likely to accelerate.”

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The Atlantic magazine had a recent article about the top 50 innovations in human history in the last 6000 years.  Number one on the list was the printing press.  It beat electricity (#2) as the most game-changing technology breakthrough.

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The discovery by Curtis Berlinguette and Simon Trudel, who are both in the chemistry department at University of Calgary’s Faculty of Science, is a way to make catalysts for converting electricity into chemical energy. According to a story in e! Science News, the technology opens the door for both homeowners and energy companies to more affordably and efficiently store and reuse energy from renewables.

As e! Science News explains it: “Electrolyzer devices use catalysts to drive a chemical reaction that converts electricity into chemical energy by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen fuels. These fuels can then be stored and re-converted to electricity for use whenever wanted.”

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