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The beginning of the year is a time to consider change and reformation. In our personal lives, we resolve to improve what we can. During the darkness of winter, we consider what new activities we will embark on as daylight increases. Many readers of Automated Buildings go to the AHR show, to learn of new technologies to put into the field this next year. There is a growing acknowledgment of microgrids as an approach that solves many of the most pressing issues in facilities. The technologies are lining up.Is this, then, finally the year of the microgrid?A microgrid is a system of systems that manages its energy generation, distribution, and use internally. A microgrid may or may not be connected to a larger grid. If it is connected, it may choose to buy, or to sell power to the larger grid. Its position of power shortage or surplus may change over time. Many think of a microgrid as something that supports a multitude of buildings, say an industrial park. I am writing this column on a portable laptop that meets all of the definition above.

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