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Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Itseez, a specialist in computer vision algorithms and applications for embedded and specialized hardware.These types of algorithms have applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and for autonomous vehicles, which major technology companies and global automakers have been giving increasing levels of investment.The acquisition is part of Intel’s transition from a chip company that mainly focused on PCs to one that powers cloud technologies and smart-connected computing devices.

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Apple every year have their own applications coming into their own store in a rather obvious way. But now, it’s been more than a year since Apple introduced its own foray into the budding market of smart appliances and home automation products or according to the latest trends, let’s call it as the “Internet of Things”. However, if you consider the fact that adoption of “Home Kit” by manufacturers and developers has been steady till now but it’s still somewhat slow. This was resulted by consumers. This is no doubt a long requested feature. But may be finally and once and for all, Apple might have finally listened to its customers and might soon have its own official HomeKit app, available starting iOS 10.

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With every market forecast predicting rapid growth of the overall Internet of Things, industry and investor focus shifts to specific market segments that will experience the quickest adoption. While most of the attention is on particular applications and technologies, I think managed IoT services will be one of the biggest market opportunities.One of the greatest challenges standing in the way of widespread IoT adoption is the lack of skills and experience to evaluate, acquire and integrate all the piece parts necessary to assemble an IoT deployment.

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Envisioning and Achieving the Internet of Things Potential By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in new profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade, according to Cisco Systems.* These IoT devices will generate a staggering amount of data and stimulate tremendous business opportunities for companies across a range of market verticals. Now is the time for organizations to position themselves for success. The 2nd Annual IoT Global Innovation Forum, June 14-16, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together leading technology innovators, business strategists and senior executives from around the world for two days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. Expert speakers will discuss the latest applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere. An Executive-Focused, Cross-Stakeholder Event Through a series of in-depth presentations and interactive panel discussions, top industry executives will help attendees envision and implement the full potential of IoT in both consumer and industrial sectors, with an emphasis on the most intriguing case studies and technology innovations. If you are guiding a business in today’s technology climate, don’t miss this high-value opportunity to network with your senior peers and leverage the coming Internet of Things tidal wave.

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IBM is releasing two new services through Bluemix that can be utilized through our IoT for Automotive solution. They are Context Mapping and Driver Behavior. We appreciate all the feedback we received from you while these were previously available as experimental. The developer community is always critical to helping us understand your challenges and to continuously improve our offerings.

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