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Icontrol Networks, a leader in connected home technology and innovation, announced today it will partner with iTSCOM, a premier cable provider in Japan and a division of the Tokyu Group, to bring the Icontrol Touchstone solution to Asia. iTSCOM will resell a managed Touchstone service, which offers a smart home experience that consumers can install themselves, to Japanese cable operators.

“Our partnership with Tokyu Group’s iTSCOM is a critical step in our strategic approach to international expansion,” said Bob Hagerty, Icontrol’s CEO. “The Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing segments of the already robust technology industry in Asia. The market opportunity for the smart home in the Asia-Pacific region is significant, so we are excited to continue growing in that area.”

via Icontrol Networks Expands Global Presence, Launches Smart Home Deployment in Asia | HomeToys Press Release.

Home-automation startup Avi-on Labs launched a crowd-funding campaign to bring its Bluetooth mesh-network home-automation products to North America in the spring.

The devices will include multiple GE-brand products from Jasco, which is making a GE Bluetooth Smart Light Dimmer, Smart Light Switch, Smart Indoor Plug, Smart Indoor Dimmable Plug, and Smart Outdoor Plug. They will join an on-wall, battery-powered movable light switch made by Avi-on and a Bluetooth Smart Light bulb.

via Avi-On Teams With Jasco In Home Automation | http://www.twice.com.

Intesis Software, a leading manufacturer of solutions for home and buildin automation, introduces Houseinhand Homekit, the application for Apple mobile devices compatible with the recently announced home automation protocol HomeKit.

via Intesis introduces Houseinhand HomeKit | HomeToys Press Release.

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After 20 years of covering home automation, for the first time I can declare, “This is the year everything changed.”

We know that is the case for the mass market, but now we have sea changes in the custom-installation channel after 20 years of tradition – a tradition that includes highly paid programmers, expensive hardware, time-consuming installations, long waits for integration drivers, money-sapping truck rolls and other nuisances that have kept home control out of reach for most consumers and unprofitable for many integrators.

via 2014: The Year Everything Changed in Home Automation – Article from CE Pro.

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Wirepas is partnering with Aidon, which provides smart meter solutions and smart grid applications, to advance the Internet of things (IoT). The collaboration comes not long after Wirepas launched Pino, the only fully automatic and distributed multi-hop mesh IoT network in the market.

Wirepas chief executive officer Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas says, finds the collaboration a perfect match: “Smart metering requires the highest level of reliability, scalability and optimization of life time costs. All these elements have been key drivers in our Pino development. We are happy and committed to work with Aidon to make the Internet of Things a reality.”

via Wirepas, Aidon Team to Advance IoT -.

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Home automation, or to be more exact, smart appliances, are growing in number, but each one of those are virtual islands of their own, unless said islands happen to be owned by a single company. Logitech’s Harmony system tries to make these disparate voices sing well together but it can definitely use a bit of smarts as well. And what better way to add some smart thinking into anything than by tying it up with IFTTT to automate even the simplest of things, like turning down the volume of your TV or entertainment system when you get a call.

via Logitech Harmony, IFTTT cook up recipes for smart homes – SlashGear.

A glow-in-the-dark “smart” stretch of highway is now open in the Netherlands. The project’s driving creator, designer Daan Roosegaarde, likens the experience of driving down the illuminated road at night to venturing into a fairy tale.

Smart Highway is the fruit of the collaboration between Roosegaarde and construction company Heijmans. The pilot project, now completed, is the first of several similar projects meant to turn the N329 highway in the city of Oss into the “Road of the Future.”

via The future of driving: Glowing ‘smart’ highway opens in Europe.

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Daintree Networks, Inc., and CoR Advisors® have released findings gleaned from their “State of Building Energy Management Survey” distributed to building owners, managers and other industry professionals. The survey was conceived to gain insight into the state of the industry in terms of both awareness and application of today’s energy-management technologies for smart buildings.

Daintree Networks CEO Danny Yu explained, “The survey yielded some revelations of great value to the building energy control industry as a whole. Surprisingly, even with energy regulations in place, a large percentage of respondents have no energy-management capabilities.

via Daintree Networks Finds Open Standards-Driven Solutions Key To Future-Proof Smart Buildings | KNXtoday.

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If you want to know how your customers feel about the smart grid and what motivates them in terms of buy in, you need look no further than the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s (SGCC) most recent report, which indicates that the internal and external motivators for different groups vary significantly between those customers that feel engaged and those that do not.

via Closing the gap on smart grid engagement – FierceSmartGrid.

Wirepas, a leading provider of advanced wireless low energy communications solution to connect Things to the Internet has announced their co-operation with Aidon, a growing European provider of smart energy metering solutions and smart grid applications to provide smart meter solution to Internet of Things. Wirepas has recently launched Pino, a fully automatic and distributed Multi-Hop Mesh IoT network.

via Low Energy Communication Provider Wirepas Collaborates with Smart Metering Firm Aidon.

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Listen to some energy advisors and electric car skeptics, and you’ll hear the claim that global energy networks are about to be brought to their knees by poorly maintained electrical grids struggling to keep up with the demand of the electric car revolution. Overwhelmed by the demands of thousands of plug-in cars all trying to charge at the same time we’re told, entire power grids will stop functioning, plunging cities around the world into week-long brown-outs as power companies struggle to keep up with demand.

via Successful Tests Prove Electric Cars, Utilities Can Work Together to Avoid Brown-Outs.

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The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has issued awards to an investor-owned utility in Georgia, a public power utility in Northern California and an electric cooperative in Southern Maryland for their commitment to pushing ahead with solar energy projects.

The organization announced the awards at the Solar Power International conference, which is being held this week in Las Vegas. In addition to the three utilities, SEPA also named a “Utility CEO of the Year” and an “Innovative Solar Partner of the Year.”

via Renew Grid: Content / New & Noteworthy / Solar Electric Power Association Announces ‘Utility Of The Year’ Awards.

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There’s a lot of variety in the world of smart grid projects this week, not to mention some interesting partnerships. Read the summaries and click the links for more details.

via Smart Grid: Smart grid wins: the latest smart grid projects and developments.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced $1.4 billion more in loan guarantees to help improve the delivery of electric power to rural communities in 21 states. The investment includes $106 million for smart grid technologies and $3 million for renewable energy programs and systems.

via Renew Grid: Content / Up Front / USDA Invests $1.4 Billion To Boost Rural Grids Around The Country.

The smart meters being delivered to Illinois homes under the state’s 2011 smart grid law could potentially spark significant energy savings – relieving burden on the grid and on power supplies and saving money for residents.

But that’s only if people use the information provided by smart meters to modify their habits, by shifting when they use energy, installing more efficient appliances and the like. Figuring out how to use a smart meter and respond to the data it provides is a complicated and intimidating task for anyone.

via From Chicago to small towns, spreading the smart grid gospel | Midwest Energy News.

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The US Department of Energy (DOE), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and EPB announced the beginning of a partnership that will use Chattanooga’s smart grid as a living laboratory for testing new energy technologies.

Under the new agreement with EPB and DOE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory will apply its technical expertise in such areas as data analytics, control systems, cybersecurity and high-performance computer modeling to test new smart grid technologies and processes on the electric grid in Chattanooga, allowing EPB to further capitalize on its smart grid investment.

via DOE, ORNL and EPB form smart grid partnership – Energy Business Review.

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Leaders and influencers from GE Lighting, Quirky, The Home Depot and CNET joined together Friday for a panel discussion on the future of smart home technology and how the “Internet of Things” is changing the face of the home industry.

GE Lighting President & CEO Maryrose Sylvester and GE General Manager, North America Consumer Lighting John Strainic helped guide the discussion at GE Lighting’s Global Headquarters, Nela Park, in Cleveland, Ohio.

via GE Smart Home Panel Shares What’s New, What’s Next for Connected Living – MarketWatch.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), its National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) and cybersecurity industry experts met this week to enter the home stretch toward a vexing issue — defining identity and access management (IAM) controls over electric power plant resources that minimize information security risks while unleashing a new era of “smart grid”-based services.

via NIST: Collaboration key to cybersecurity in IOE era – FierceSmartGrid.

“Smart grid investment over the next decade will shift from North America and Europe to emerging market nations,” said Ben Gardner, Northeast Group president. “Southeast Asian countries are just beginning on the path of modernizing their electric infrastructure. Strong GDP growth of nearly 6% through 2018 and corresponding growth in electricity demand will help lay the foundation for investment. Electrification programs and growth in renewable resources will also drive investment.”

via Smart Grid: SE Asia to be the next hot spot for smart grid investment.

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In the 1880s, soon after Fort Collins was established, the city’s citizens and public officials became adamant about creating a system to provide the community with dependable water, sewer and power. The City of Fort Collins Utilities was born with power organized in 1887, a city sewer system underway in 1888 and five sewer districts formed by ordinance in 1891.

via Utility2Utility: Fort Collins Utilities | EnergyBiz.