If you are looking for a way to control the Internet of things and devices using home automation you might be interested in a new smart home controller called the STACK Box which has been created by Cloud Media.

The STACK Box home automation controller has been specifically designed to enable you to communicate to all your smart devices and stacks all your applications into one convenient location on your smartphone and tablet.

via STACK Box Smart Home Controller Offers Home Automation And More.

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Transparency Market Research published a new report based on “Home Automation Market(Lighting, Safety and Security, Entertainment, HVAC, Energy Management) – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2013 – 2019” that covers the extensive research study on home automation and controls market, specifically, the security control, access control, lighting control, HVAC control, outdoor control, entertainment control, and standards, data distribution, and other communication protocols.

According to this report, the market was valued at $3.6 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach $16.4 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 24.6% from 2013 to 2019.

via Home Automation Market to be worth $16.4 Billion by 2019 – WhaTech.

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Control4 came to the CEDIA Expo with a configuration app that lets installers use smartphones and tablets to dramatically speed up and simplify the configuration of home theaters and whole-house automation systems.

via Control4 Takes To Apps To Speed Up Home-Automation Configuration | http://www.twice.com.

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Home automation and the Internet of Things have become popular topics today. Users either love it or fear it, the latter thanks to very real security problems which have been discovered. Nest is no stranger to problems, thanks to its Protect issue from not long ago, but that hasn’t stopped the company from moving forward, adding further integration.

via Nest grows its home automation integration, Dropcam now in use.

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Though home automation systems have existed for years, typically helping to control your thermostat or boost security, they can require professional installation and be complicated to operate—not to mention that they can also cost thousands of dollars. Happily, that’s starting to change, as a bevy of easy-to-install alternatives are arriving on the scene. They’re less intimidating, too, since you can determine the level of sophistication. You get to decide just how smart your home is going to be.

via 10 Devices for a Smarter Home (PHOTOS) | Departures Magazine.

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The fastest growing segments of the Internet of Things market include home automation, the connected car market and mobile healthcare and health monitoring, according to a panel of leading IoT executives. However, a lack of standards–or rather, a proliferation of them–is holding back adoption and creating headaches for the industry.

via Home automation, connected car pushing IoT, but lack of standards stings, execs say – FierceWireless.

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Telguard, a leader in wireless alarm communications, interactive and home automation services, today introduced the industry’s first truly universal Z-Wave garage door controller, the Telguard GDC1.

The UL 325 certified GDC1 was designed and built to Telguard’s specifications by FortrezZ using the binary switch command class. The binary switch is one of the fundamental command classes in Z-Wave home automation, and found in the Z-Wave platform of Telguard’s own HomeControl interactive service and in other interactive platforms including: Icontrol Networks, 2GIG, DSC and many more.

via Press Release: Telguard Introduces Universal Z-Wave Garage Door Controller – Cedia NewsSpotlight Article from CE Pro.

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Many see home automation as the next big thing in the consumer electronics space and D-Link is keen to plant a flag in the emerging connected smart home with its new mydlink Home range of smart devices. The line includes five modules aimed at letting homeowners control technology around the home using a smartphone or tablet, be it from the comfort of the sofa or when out and about.

via D-Link breaks into the smart home market with mydlink Home.

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While brick-and-mortar chains from Lowe’s to Staples are venturing into the home-automation category with fledgling facings and endcaps, TigerDirect, the Florida-based IT retailer and direct-seller, is going all-in.

Last month the Systemax subsidiary unveiled a new retail format at a remodeled “store of the future” here that features an interactive home-automation section and other showroom enhancements.

via TigerDirect Gives Form To Home-Automation Category | http://www.twice.com.

AT&T is announcing Monday that European carrier Telefonica has agreed to start selling AT&T’s home automation and security service outside the United States.

Even before it launched the so-called Digital Life service last year, AT&T had said it would look for opportunities to license the technology to others. Getting that first customer is a big deal, AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie said in an interview.

via AT&T Licenses Its “Digital Life” Home Automation Service to Telefonica | Re/code.

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Fresh off raising $90 million in funding, Savant is shaking up its business model and possibly the home automation space with a new product aimed at homeowners who want high-end integration without having a programmer on call.

Savant is releasing Savant App, a beautiful and intuitive app that allows consumers to control lighting, thermostats, audio-visual gear and more. The catch is that instead of doing it yourself, you call an installer in the Savant network who hooks up your home and then leaves you to program your app.

via Savant dives deeper into mass market home automation with new app — Tech News and Analysis.

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By 2022 the typical smart home in wealthier markets could be plastered with hundreds of smart devices, according to analyst firm Gartner.

While consumers can already buy smart things such as Nest’s home thermostat and smoke alarm, smart light bulbs and smart TVs, the ‘mature smart home’ is still a decade away when the market does mature — which the analyst predicts will be around 2020 to 2025 — homes probably be hooked up with more than 500 data-driven smart devices.

via You’re going to need a bigger house: 500 connected gadgets in the home of 2022 | ZDNet.

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At the IFA conference in Berlin last Friday, Samsung CEO Yoon Boo-Keun delivered a keynote extolling the virtues of a home filled with devices that connect to the Internet.

Samsung’s vision would  allow users to tweak and surveil every aspect of their home while they’re away: “The home of the future is not about the technology and not about being smart and connected,” he said. “It’s about it working in a way that you don’t notice the technology and giving you the right options at the right time. It’s about adapting to you.”

via Why Apple, Google, and Samsung want to be inside your home | VentureBeat | Gadgets | by Dwayne De Freitas.

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WigWag, a home automation company whose intelligent “if this, then that” sensor system easily surpassed its Kickstarter goal a year ago, has added to their smart home lineup with a line of smart LED bulbs called Filament.

The market is becoming full of smart lighting options, but WigWag’s bulbs stand out for two reasons. One is that they are compatible with virtually all other smart home automation and lighting systems so all you have to do is put them in your fixtures, download the app and you’re done.

via WigWag bringing affordable, smart lighting to the masses : TreeHugger.

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Making life easier is the whole point of both home automation and remote controls, so the group behind the ZigBee home network specification has tried to bring the two together more tightly in a new standard.

On Tuesday, the ZigBee Alliance announced the ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 standard, which could become the foundation for remotes that control an entire house full of networked appliances. Among other things, a remote built with ZRC 2.0 will be able to send commands directly to networks of ZigBee-connected devices such as heating, air conditioning, lights, home monitoring devices and security systems.

via New standard for ZigBee remotes makes friends with connected homes | TechHive.

Software engineers looking to make their mark should consider energy distribution control – it could be the next killer app (or series of apps) waiting to be written. The history of computing may repeat itself in the energy industry. Let’s look at the parallels to see where it might go.

via Smart Grid Operating System: The Next Killer App? > ENGINEERING.com.

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At Apple’s AAPL +0.23% developer conference this year, the secretive tech giant devoted less than a minute and half to unveiling HomeKit, its iOS-based protocol for hooking up connected gadgets in the home. But 90 seconds was all startups and hardware makers needed to begin scrambling to figure out ways to fit into Apple’s master plan for the home.

via How Apple HomeKit Is Already Changing The Smart Home Industry.

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Qualcomm has a new software development kit that it says has been engineered to help programmers gain access to the company’s low-power wireless platforms and, therefore, to help them build devices and applications for the Internet of Things.

The firm’s snazzily named QCA4002/4004 platforms sit alongside the QCA4002 and QCA4004 networking chips, which were made available by Qualcomm’s Atheros subsidiary last year.

Qualcomm Atheros also offering this new IoE development kit, which enables full-featured, low-power Wi-Fi in a set of connected products — from light bulbs and remote controls to home automation and security systems.

via Qualcomm Internet of Everything Development Kit | Dr Dobb’s.

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Sony has announced it is joining Qualcomm’s AllSeen Alliance, a coalition of technology and consumer companies utilising the open-source AllJoyn home automation platform.

The firm announced the move at its IFA conference in Berlin this week, and joins a host of other companies that have signed up to the platform.

via Sony joins Qualcomm’s AllJoyn platform as smart home race heats up | ITProPortal.com.

Technologies with built-in cybersecurity functions are in development and in some cases rolling out across the nation’s electricity grid as it’s being transformed into a smart grid, according to the Energy Department’s new status report.

“Though cybersecurity remains a critical challenge, government and industry are actively developing the tools, guidance and resources necessary to develop robust cybersecurity practices within utilities,” according to the “2014 Smart Grid System Report” (pdf) released last month.

via Cybersecurity technologies being developed, implemented to advance smart grid, new report says – FierceGovernmentIT.