NTSLogoThe Smart Technology Blog is sponsored by National Technical Systems (NTS) and written by the engineers and staff of the NTS Advanced Technology (NTS-AT).

NTS provides companies and government organizations throughout the world with process and product compliance services, testing services, engineering services and program management support. Our significant intellectual and physical assets ensure we can manage and support the changing needs of our customers, just as we have been doing for over 50 years and look forward to doing for 50 more.

NTS Advanced Technology was formed in 1982 to serve the testing needs of the newly emerging computer manufacturers and software developers in the area of quality assurance. Originally, NTS’s Advanced Technology Group was a part of XXCAL, Inc., an independent third-party testing laboratory which also provided temporary help, staffing, and managed services (project management services). In 1998, XXCAL Inc. merged with NTS, a nationwide engineering corporation specializing in product environmental and safety testing, ISO registration services, EMI/EMC (including FCC certification, CE Marking, etc.) and a myriad of other engineering and testing services. Combined, the NTS family of services is unparalleled in the testing and managed services fields. NTS now has over twenty (20) laboratories worldwide (including locations in Asia and Europe) with it’s primary computer and consumer hardware/software testing division located in Fullerton, CA, which is also one of NTS largest environmental and dynamic testing facilities.

If you have questions about testing, certification or want more information about getting your product tested, feel free to call us at (800) 879-9225 or email us at testinglab@nts.com.