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Now that Ericsson has succeeded in pushing its favored technologies into the heart of the 3GPP agenda for low power wide area (LPWA) networks, it has stepped up its efforts to get them into the market, even ahead of full standardization in the next LTE release.In November, it announced projects with Orange to trial both its key cellular technologies, Narrowband IoT and Extended Coverage GSM (EC-GSM). The former is the solution adopted by the 3GPP for its work on an LTE-based LPWA standard – technically a combination of Ericsson’s NB-LTE and Huawei’s Cellular IoT, in fact insiders indicate that the Swedish firm scored something of a coup and got its approach, which is more backwards compatible than Huawei’s, at the heart of the emerging specifications.

Source: Ericsson adds both US leaders to its NB-IoT trials – Rethink