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Road to Home Automation Standards Paved with Good Intentions

Will ZigBee succeed where CEBus, LonWorks, UPnP, SCP, HAPI, WSD and countless others have failed?

At CEDIA Expo 2000, Panja (pictured), Microsoft, Lantronix, Premise Systems, Smart America and others demonstrated their interoperable products in the UPnP Pavilion.

05.25.2009 — ZigBee is jockeying to become the standard for home automation.
Welcome to the club. At least a dozen promising initiatives before it have tried … and failed.

Here is a brief history:


This is where it all started. The Electronic Industries Alliance (now the Consumer Electronics Association) wanted a home-control standard soooo bad in the 1980s, and spent oodles of resources to create the Consumer Electronics Bus (CEBus). Primarily a powerline-based protocol, the standard was supposed to be the backbone of utilities’ demand side management (DSM) initiatives. Intellon was the main technology provider for CEBus but went on to bigger and better things, namely, broadband over the powerlines – HomePlug.

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