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Fujitsu wants to promote Internet of Things (IoT) technologies by launching a cloud-based development platform.

The Human-Centric IoT platform allows Fujitsu customers to try out their ideas for IoT applications and works with Fujitsu sensors, networks, middleware and applications, according to the electronics manufacturer.

Connecting offline equipment to the Internet requires various hardware and software technologies. The platform is aimed at accelerating the speed at which IoT businesses can get off the ground.

via Fujitsu pushes cloud platform to test IoT ideas | Computerworld.

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CEDIA Expo 2014 was fun, packed with great demos, brimming with innovative new products and teeming with eager students enjoying sold-out courses. Nothing new there.

But taking a step back and really thinking about the big picture, several important themes emerged, making CEDIA 2014 the most significant Expo to date. And, no, I don’t say that every year. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said it in my 21 years of Expos.

via Why 2014 Was Most Significant CEDIA Expo Yet – Article from CE Pro.

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RFID Journal announced today that it is launching the Internet of Things Conference, to be co-located with the RFID Journal LIVE! 2015 conference and exhibition, taking place in San Diego, Calif. The Internet of Things Conference will focus on helping companies use IoT technologies to add value to their products, engage consumers in new and exciting ways, gather data about environmental conditions, create enhanced service-level agreements, and develop new business models.

via RFID Journal Introduces Internet of Things Conference – RFID Journal.

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Today, Samsung announced a new set of SDKs for its Digital Health and Smart Home platforms during its ongoing Developer Conference in San Francisco. Similar to offerings from Google and Apple, the Korean company’s fitness-focused initiative uses wearable and mobile devices to track a person’s exercise and diet habits by syncing their information with its cloud servers.

via Samsung releases SDKs for its Digital Health and Smart Home platforms | 9to5Google.

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We first met Spark this summer when it raised more than $560,000 on Kickstarter for its Arduino-like Spark Core Wi-Fi connector kit. It subsequently went on to raise a $4.9 million Series A round and launch a cloud OS to power its Internet of Things (IoT) enabling hardware. Now it’s back with the Spark Photon, a postage stamp sized Wi-Fi development board for building connected devices.

via Spark Photon: The $19 Internet of Things Kit.

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Silver Spring Networks has been striving to define itself not just as a smart meter vendor — an increasingly tough business to be in — but as a provider of software and services to put the smart grid’s increasing number of devices to use. Last week, it won a contract to provide consumer engagement and efficiency software to Michigan utility Consumers Energy, an early example of how it might be making that transition.

via Silver Spring Networks: Moving From Meters to Smart Grid SaaS Provider : Greentech Media.

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The “Internet of Things” is a very broad term, but think of it this way: in the future, all of our devices could talk to one another, enabling new ways to interact with the world around us. According to ABI Research, there will be more than 30 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. The devices included in this vision aren’t just smartphones and tablets; potentially, just about anything that can connect to the Internet and transmit data wirelessly can be considered a “device”: one’s home, one’s office, and even one’s car.

via How Will the Auto Industry Capitalize on the Internet of Things? | Xconomy.

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Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the world around us – from the medical care we receive to the way retailers market to us – but how is the manufacturing industry benefitting from it?

Large manufacturers have been analyzing data to optimize production and processes for many years to drive performance. However, the sheer volume, variety and velocity of data being generated today – along with the new business intelligence tools available – has the potential to deliver even bigger financial and productivity gains in India, Asia- Pacific and across the globe.

via How big data and ‘Internet of Things’ is helping manufacturing sector – Economic Times.

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At this point, we are all familiar with the Belkin WeMo line of products. They’ve been empowering consumers with smartphone-connected home automation products for some time now, from light switches to its newly released coffee maker.

While the WeMo line performs a number of simple tasks, it has not necessarily provided the level of open source capabilities that some consumers long for. Today, Belkin has taken a step in that direction with its new WeMo Maker.

via DIYers! Belkin WeMo ‘Maker’ brings smartphone remote and IFTTT functionality to nearly any device | 9to5Mac.

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The radio frequency that you choose for your wireless IoT application is very, very important. There are regulatory and physical considerations that must be accounted for and weighed against the design goals and specifications of the IoT application you are developing. The three primary frequencies to consider in the US market are 433 MHz, 902-928 MHz, and 2.4 GHz. Here, I am going to focus on the first of these: 433 MHz.

via Using 433 MHz for wireless connectivity in the Internet of Things | EDN.

Savant®, a leading smart home technology company, has released new survey results that indicate more than half of consumers in the United States believe that home automation will be an everyday feature in less than 10 years. Nearly one-fourth believe the technology will be an everyday feature in less than five years.

via Nov. 12, 2014: US Consumers Eager for Internet of Things in the Home, Survey Reveals | 2014-11-12 | ACHRNEWS.

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Integrators have to do more than just hang a sign outside their front door to garner middle-market customers.

During a recent CE Pro webinar, Greg Simmons, vice president at CE Pro 100 Eagle Sentry, said integrators need to work closely with homebuilders to help them select the correct technology to offer in their standards and options.

via How to Sell Smart Homes to the Middle Market – Spotlight Article from CE Pro.

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It’s official: IoT (the Internet of Things) has reached the peak of inflated expectations; or the very top of Gartner’s hype cycle of emerging technologies. And it’s hard to ignore all the buzz regarding IoT, just as it’s hard to ignore the impact this über-connected reality of devices, sensors and more will have on the amount of data coming our way. The challenge before us: making all this data actionable and smart.

In a recent interview with Cisco, I was reminded of this impact. While today organizations are getting increasingly connected with the cloud – predominantly hybrid or let’s say “tailored to individual context” – soon more data from connected “things” as they continue to get added, will move to the cloud.

via Being Smart About the Internet of Things.

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Nanoelectronics research center imec/Holst Centre and MegaChips, a fabless company focusing on the development of system LSIs and products that incorporate original algorithms and architecture, has announced that they have signed a strategic partnership for joint R&D on ultra-low power (ULP) short radio technology for smart homes and buildings.

Following the growth of mobile devices the rapidly upcoming Internet-of-Things (IoT), the market for connected devices will know an impressive growth in the coming years, with small, battery-operated sensors devices integrated everywhere—from homes and automobiles to human bodies—ultimately yielding up to hundreds of sensors per person, supporting, and even augmenting daily lives. As these wireless sensors become internet-connected and operate in heterogeneous networks, they enable percipient systems, that act on all available data from own sensors as well as from the cloud.

via Ultra-low power short-range radio for internet of things – Energy Harvesting Journal.

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The GridWise® Alliance and the Smart Grid Policy Center, today announced the release of the 2014 Grid Modernization Index (GMI). The GMI evaluates and ranks states based on their progress in modernizing their electric systems with smart grid technologies. The announcement was made at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

via GridWise Alliance and Smart Grid Policy Center Release 2014 Grid Modernization Index | SYS-CON MEDIA.

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It’s hard to generalize about the IT industry, but two things can definitely be stated: it loves buzzwords and acronyms. Those two aspects are wrapped up in one of the hottest trends right now: the “Internet of Things”, acronym-ized as IoT.

IoT can be loosely defined as the network of physical objects using embedded technology. It can come in both business and consumer forms, and is gaining ground rapidly. Gartner, Inc. estimates a 30 percent increase in those “things” in 2015 as compared to the current year. This increase will have a transformative effect on business, the analyst firm predicts.

via The ‘Internet of Things’ Set to Explode — Virtualization Review.

A recent report from Navigant Research (Boulder, Colorado, US) analyzes the global market for smart grid technologies, including global market forecasts for revenue, broken out by technology, application, component, and region, through 2023.

The benefits of smart grid technology are becoming increasingly quantifiable, not only in terms of improved grid reliability, but also in economic benefits, according to the report. Worldwide revenue from smart grid technologies is expected to grow from USD 44.1 billion in 2014 to USD 70.2 billion in 2023, forecasts Navigant Research.

via KW47 | Navigant Research: Revenue from smart grid technologies is expected to reach USD 70.2 billion annually by 2023 – SolarServer.

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Yoon C. Lee, a Samsung executive, is giving a tour of his US home in Oakland. He shows off his living room and foyer, then takes a look outside to check the garden. He considers turning on the sprinkler system before deciding the plants have enough water.

The thing is, he’s not actually in California. He’s 8000 miles away with a reporter in a Seoul conference room. Lee, a tall, 49-year-old, is at a huge table fiddling with a Galaxy S5 phone that’s streaming live video from the US.

via Samsung in internet of things push as phone profits fade.

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With Gartner yesterday predicting 4.9 billion “connected things” would be in use next year – a number it reckons will rise to 25 billion by 2020 – businesses have no choice but to pursue what is widely referred to as the Internet of things (IOT).

The research firm says IOT has become a powerful force for business transformation, with its disruptive impact being felt across all industries and all areas of society. Local industry watchers say, in light of this, South African companies need to address connectivity constraints and embrace the opportunities the upsurge presents.

via Prepare for IOT explosion | ITWeb.

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The Board of Directors for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), a member-funded organization focused on accelerating Smart Grid interoperability, today announced Sharon Allan, industry luminary, as its new President and Chief Executive Officer.

“She will help SGIP evolve its mission in partnership with members to help them overcome grid modernization challenges.”

Allan’s 30 years of experience in the energy and information technology industries will help SGIP strengthen its collaborative ties between utilities, research labs, regulators and business leaders around the world. Allan will work closely with members to increase visibility for the work SGIP is doing to address the key grid modernization issues of resiliency and integration of new systems.

via Sharon Allan Named President/CEO of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) | Business Wire.

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