Resolution Products, a leader in wireless communication solutions for the security industry, confirmed commercial shipments of the revolutionary Helix platform launched as promised on December 15th. Resolution is powering up a network of key distribution partners that will ensure wide availability of this innovative new security and automation architecture.

The Helix platform was first introduced in June at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX). Since the announcement, the industry has recognized the value of this design – recognizing Helix as “CEDIA Best of Show” by Residential Systems and most recently receiving Security Sales & Integration’s “Top 30 Technology Innovation” award. The industry has been eagerly awaiting commercial availability of this new offering, and Resolution has delivered.

via The Helix™ Security and Automation Platform is Delivered on Time | Business Wire.

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This year has been the year of many things: Wearable technology, Net Neutrality, the gradual vanishing of Nokia and much more. But chief among the buzz-words of the tech industry is IOT, or “Internet of Things”. There has been a huge insurgence of cloud-connected products, all controlled by our smartphones, tablets, PCs or even watches. Whether it’s lighting, sound systems, crock-pots or kettles, there’s very little in our lives that we can’t control with our devices nowadays.

Everyone knows the “Internet of Things” is happening, whether it’s Apple with its HomeKit developer tools, or Belkin with its WeMo products. Complete home automation is closer than it ever has been. It’s amazing to think that in just a few years, connected homes could be the norm. And I’ve had a taste of it this year with Tado (pronounced tah-doh, not ta-doo).

via Living with smartphone-controlled central heating is awesome – tado° review | PhoneDog.

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smanos, a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems, is proudly bringing its brand new Smart Home Hub as well as its highly acclaimed WiFi and cellular portfolio to International CES in Las Vegas, held between Jan. 6th and 9th, 2015. The complete smanos smart home portfolio speaks minimalistic elegance, self-install and self-monitor, and will be available at Stand 62000 in Tech East at Westgate Las Vegas (formerly LVH). smanos sensations will also be found at Digital Experience!, a high-octane evening press event organized by Pepcom on Jan. 5th at The Mirage Hotel. From WiFi, cellular, app-enabled alarm and automation systems to remote energy, security and health management, smanos solutions cater to today’s mobile-driven lifestyles and ever-evolving residential needs, and ensure property owners have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few short minutes and easy swipes and taps.

via 2015CES – Smart Home Guru smanos Debuts New Hub and WiFi Camera at International CES 2015 | HomeToys Press Release.

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It’s undeniable: 2014 was the year when the electronics industry decidedly and collectively moved forward to push the Internet of Things (IoT).

For evidence, look no further than the myriad mergers and acquisitions among chip vendors, system companies, and software vendors this year — many in the IoT space. Beyond the usual reasons for consolidation (economy of scale, eliminating competition, expanding revenue), many companies scrambled to make deals specifically to get IoT technologies and products that were missing from their portfolios.

via Top 2014 Acquisitions that Advanced the Internet of Things | EE Times.

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Professional audio/video (AV) distribution and industrial control have more in common than you might have thought. For one, they both have a need for low-latency, deterministic, high-bandwidth networking connectivity for time-critical distribution of information. Now they also have in common the Ethernet standards and the AVnu Alliance.

The AVnu Alliance originally formed to support the use of Ethernet as the backbone for audio/video data distribution, according to Todd Walter, senior group manager at National Instruments. When the IEEE defined the audio video bridging (AVB) standard for Ethernet, the Alliance sought to boost adoption of the standard by defining interoperability criteria and conducting conformance testing to certify implementations.

via Alliance Prepping for Ethernet in the Industrial IoT | EE Times.

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Sophisticated tracking technology, the likes of which you might associate with governments or big companies, may soon be in consumers’ hands, homes, cars and local stores.

If it works as described — a big “if,” of course, — the technology developed by a small-but-established U.K. company called Apical could detect not only people, but determine what they are doing, where they are going and even what they may be thinking. The technology, dubbed Spirit and part of the growing and fast-developing field of computer vision, could be used for everything from helping consumers shoot better videos to helping the local coffee shop improve its sales.

via Wolverton: Next-generation tracking technology could be in your gadgets soon – San Jose Mercury News.

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Simon St. Laurent, O’Reilly’s strategic content director for our web space and co-chair of our Fluent Conference, recently launched an investigation looking into the web’s potential to change not only computing, but the world in general. For this podcast episode, I caught up with St. Laurent to talk about the timing, what he’s exploring, and why the web isn’t dead. He said that in some ways, it has always been the right time to launch this investigation — after all, the web has continued to grow amidst market crashes and the dot-com bust — but noted the driving factors behind the health of the web are becoming more clear:

via The web is a critical part of the IoT story – O’Reilly Radar.

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The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration to advance the Internet of Everything through an open source software project, today announced eight new members are joining the organization: ADT Security Services, GeoPal Solutions, Inteno Broadband Technology AB, Lenovo, Modacom, POWERTECH, and Things.Expert. This extends the initiative’s core competencies in home automation and security and brings the total number of companies invested in this work to included 11 premier members, 77 community members and 12 sponsored members.

via PCBDESIGN007 AllSeen Alliance Welcomes New Members.

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Cisco Systems, Inc., Bosch GmbH, and ABB Ltd., have teamed up to form a joint initiative that aims to develop and operate an open software platform targeting smart home devices and applications.

This platform aims to facilitate the exchange of data from connected devices of different brands as well as provide a number of services related to household devices, such as energy management, security technology and entertainment.

via IoT DevOps get interesting with joint initiative from Cisco and others | SiliconANGLE.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the coolest home automation products out there, giving you the ability to connect it to your smartphone for all kinds of interconnected capabilities, the most obvious being the control of the thermostat via an app hub. When it comes to automation, Google is handily making this feature available for many different tasks and functions on our devices, and although we can’t yet control our Nest Learning Thermostats using the OK Google command, Droid Life points out that it is quite close to being made an available option.

via Nest Learning Thermostat Will Soon Be Able To Change Temperatures Via “OK Google” Command |

Apple’s splash into home automation with addition of HomeKit to iOS 8 is expected to have a huge impact on sales of smart home devices in 2015 according to a Park Associates report that found 37% of U.S. households plan to purchase one or more devices next year.

The rising popularity in smart home device sales has been aided by both Apple and Google introducing new solutions in 2014. The research firm discovered retailers are getting ready for smart home devices to hit the mainstream by expanding shelf space for items like Nest thermometers, Philips Hue bulbs, smart door locks and other items.

via Smart home is about to blow up thanks to Apple | Cult of Mac.

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GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in low-power Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things (IOT), announced that its ultra-low power GS2000 family of Wi-Fi modules comply with all applicable requirements of the major regulatory agencies. This includes FCC Part 15 type approval (USA), IC certification (Canada), MIC type approval, formerly TELEC (Japan), and ETSI R &TTE, including the new ETSI EN 300 328 v1.8.1 which will take effect on January 1, 2015 (Europe).

Pre-certification of these modules to applicable wireless operating standards around the world reduces development time and simplifies entrance into a given market. This means that customers needing either FCC (USA) or IC (Canada) approval can use the modular certification without having to test for intentional radiation, as long as they use the same configuration that GainSpan has certified.

via GainSpan Low-Power Wi-Fi Modules Receive Certifications from Major Regulatory Agencies.

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With the Internet of Things poised for takeoff, and with coffee makers, lamps, and possibly us, about to be forever switched on-and-off via an embedded connection, you may be wondering how best to explore this arena as a beginner.

Well, I intend to pick up a soon-to-be launched, Raspberry Pi-esque SAM kit. It’s a Lego-like IoT engineering kit for novices that was recently funded at Kickstarter.

Sensor Actor Module

SAM is a Sensor Actor Module electronics inventor kit consisting of software and IoT hardware building block elements, like switches and lights. They use Bluetooth to communicate and can interface externally via the Internet.

via Lego-like modular kit lets you create Internet of Things devices.

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That’s obviously an exaggeration, and it tells only part of the story. A few weeks ago, Nissan, which makes the Leaf electric car, turned the tables in this debate by starting trials of a system for electric cars to return power to the electricity grid when they are not being used.

via How electric cars keep the beer cold – Times LIVE.

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The first security vulnerability Michael Murray ever reported to Bugtraq was memorable in the way he found it. Back in 2000, the former security researcher discovered a flaw in a function in the Linux kernel after banging his hand on the keyboard in frustration when he couldn’t get his telnet session to disconnect: Striking random keys ultimately crashed the session and exposed the bug. “That one was silly,” he says of his unorthodox and inadvertent discovery method.

Murray now hacks GE medical devices and equipment for a living, and the bugs he and his team find could have serious consequences for patients and healthcare professionals. As director of GE Healthcare’s cyber security consulting and assessment, the 15-year veteran of the security field is overseeing the product lifecycle development of the company’s medical devices and equipment — from the design phase and on. “Source code analysis, integrating security testing into the normal test cycle, and penetration testing at the end.” It’s all about building these sensitive medical systems and devices with cyber security in mind, rather than as an afterthought.

via Hiring Hackers To Secure The Internet Of Things.

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Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) today announced its new highly integrated, single-chip Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions have achieved Bluetooth qualification. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group awarded specification 4.1 qualification to Cypress’s Link Layer component, Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and radio frequency physical layer (RF Phy) used in the PSoC® 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip and PRoC™ BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip solutions. Additionally, the solutions’ chip-scale packages (CSP) and quad-flat no-lead (QFN) packages earned Bluetooth 4.1 qualification.

Bluetooth 4.1 is designed to coexist with cellular technologies such as LTE and deliver better connections and improved data transfer, enabling developers to create innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Customers designing with Cypress’s Bluetooth Low Energy solutions can apply to add the Bluetooth logo on their products by referring to Cypress’s qualification identification numbers.

via Cypress’s New Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions Earn Bluetooth 4.1 Qualification.

With so many smart thermostats on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you.  You want one that is going to be easy to install, simple to program, pleasing to look at, and probably most important, one that will save you money.

I’ve put together a comparison evaluating three of the most popular smart thermostats:Nest Learning Thermostat, Ecobee3, and Honeywell Lyric.

via Thermostat Efficiency and Home Energy Savings | The Energy Collective.

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A new experimental “smart town” based especially around the technologies of solar energy and battery storage is being developed in Japan by Panasonic Corporation (along with other public and private partners), based on recent reports.

The new 1000-household-strong town recently had its grand opening — with the first residents moving in earlier this year in the spring. But the community won’t be fully complete until around 2018 or so. The town is located just outside of the country’s major metropolitan center, Tokyo.

via Panasonic “Smart Town” In Japan Centered Around Solar Energy & Storage | CleanTechnica.

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Moving into a new home recently felt like the perfect chance to upgrade with some of the myriad home automation systems and devices adding convenience, safety monitoring, energy efficiency and fun into our everyday lives. In the process of geeking out my house with cool gadgets and apps, I learned you don’t have to be a tech wizard to make your home run more smoothly. Your smartphone is all you need to control your thermostats, lights, home entertainment system, appliances, cameras, door locks and more.

A connected home means different things to different people, says Nate Williams of Greenwave Systems, but the ultimate benefit is a home that caters to your family’s needs. “Some consumers want to monitor their home energy usage from work or check that their children came home from school safely, while others want to have the ability to consume personalized media from every device in their home,” he says. “As consumer confidence grows, we expect they will adopt more smart and connected things into their lives.”

via Smart Home Devices to Keep You Connected – Techlicious.

Imagine a system where your home tracks you through your smartphone. The heating in your house fires up when you’re 20 minutes away, the garage door opens as you pull into the driveway, the front door unlocks itself, and, as you enter, the lights in the living room blink to life and some music starts to play through your wireless speakers.

The technology to achieve these things individually is already here. What’s really lacking is the glue to hold it all together, allow your systems and appliances to communicate, and offer a single point of control.

Two major plays to provide that glue are gaining momentum. The Thread Group is aiming to be a broad coalition. It already has members like Samsung, ARM, Silicon Labs, Freescale Semiconductor, and of course Google-owned Nest. Then there’s Apple’s HomeKit which has named partners like August, Philips, Honeywell, and TI.

via The battle for the connected home – Android Authority.

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